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Hermina Rhime
Spirituality > Channeling
Recorded: Aug 25, 2018 at 05:30 pm EST
It's the anniversary of when Stardust was created 1 year ago on August 25th! And just in time for the full moon. To celebrate how far we've come, Kari and I will be hosting a free channeling event live for all Stardusters. I will be trance channeling and "conscious" channeling (my term for when I'm not in trance) Sarsahr beings. Our main guest will be Beatrice, who agreed to be channeled for this event. She is a Sarsahr that is not part of Stardust, so it will be interesting to hear her point of view of how her and her community that are not directly involved in Stardust view all of this. There is no set topic. We will just go with the flow and answer any questions that you may have. Please remember that the Sarsahr are not spirits; therefore, they cannot predict the future, contact loved ones, etc. Let's have fun! Make sure to bring snacks and beer!
This is a class for those interested in awakening their psychic strengths, their intuition and eventually communicating with the Spirit world whether your goal is to be in communion with your higher self or become a practicing psychic medium. This class is recommended for beginners or those who wish to revisit their techniques and deepen their connection to Spirit. In this course, we will learn the basics of spirit communication - no prior mediumship experience is necessary: how to reactivate and differentiate our intuitive senses vs. the mind's constant chatter, how intention, beliefs and perception are important, how to open out awareness to subtle energy and frequencies and how to trust our intuition and feelings when tuning in to the consciousness of a passed loved one.
The Mind, The Body and The Soul are a trifecta union that must work together for a fully rounded incarnating experience. This is a beginners class to learn how to communicate with one's own body parts. We will look at the mind, body and soul connection and target specific parts of the body to get messages from another part of what is intrinsically us on an intimate bodily level. The class will include some channeling and I invite AA Raphael to help us communicate with our bodies. There are two time-slots, same class but suitable for different timeszones, Europe/UK and USA, both are suitable for the Antipodes
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Hey guys my name is Emanuelle McIntosh. I am a Intuitive Medium, a Spiritual/ life Coach and a meditation teacher here in Belgium. Together wth my husband we run the Sakyamuni spiritual center in Heule, Belgium. We thoroughly enjoy helping, guiding and sharing our abilities and perspectives with others to foster growth and personal development for everyone.
I am a Spiritual Translator, Medium, author, artist and teacher of metaphysics. My goal is to explore as much of the unknown as possible and share that information with whoever wants to hear it. I have been working in this field for over 3 years now and my spiritual gifts just keep growing. I especially like to work with energy and how to deal with energy as well as I have a show on YouTube channeling from spirit world many historical figures from the very ancient to the recent to alien contact. I aim to help others contact the spirit world and heal themselves along the way thereby opening the door to a great spiritual life.
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