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Meditation ~ Join me the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month for a free meditation. This is great for kids and teens to!
Tapping In Intro- We are born with an incrdible internal guidance system that is designed to help lead us to our best possible choices. We learn to disregard it over time. When you learn how to hone in and use it to guide you, each day your confidence will grow. You will know you are making the best decsion for you and feel good about your choices each moment. Tap in to all you have available to you to help you live your best life.
Jennifer Farmer
Spirituality > Developing Intuition
Recorded: May 10, 2016 at 08:15 pm EST
Join Jennifer Farmer for this broadcast as she shares insights and steps to help you cultivate belief in yourself. Believing in yourself is a conscious choice that elevates self love and living a life of wholeness. Regardless of your past issues, reoccurring issues, you can learn new skills and techniques to finally resolve fear. Register today for this free webinar.
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Jasmine Sampson is the best-selling author of "Growing Business with Soul: Practical Spirituality for the Busy Entrepreneur", and is a healer, speaker and mentor with a lifetime focused upon personal and spiritual development. In fields as diverse as Teaching, Motherhood, Hospital Chaplaincy and Life Coaching, Jasmine has more than 30 years' experience supporting others to fulfil their potential. She now specializes in mentoring conscious entrepreneurs to manifest the highest possibility for their life and business. Healing Modalities � Tapping (EFT) � Focusing � Z Point � Ho�oponopono
Louise Kanjee is an experienced meditation facilitator and Reiki Master and has been on her own personal spiritual journey for over 20 years. She has personally used many methods of meditation including Raja yoga, bhakti yoga, mindfulness and shamanic journeying and incorporates techniques from all of those traditions in her classes. Louise says: As a natural health practitioner and meditator I see meditation as a tool for spiritual growth and also of wellbeing - using meditation as a healing tool and as a way of giving me insights into how my health can be improved by understanding how the roots of illness start in my thoughts, feelings and emotions and using meditation as one of the ways to transform those and thereby transform myself. I also believe in health being about empowerment and that empowerment comes from knowing the self, mind, body and spirit - meditation and spirituality are about going deeper and deeper into that self-knowledge. I hope through my classes to inspire your journey and to take you deeper into yourself - to enable you to know yourself, heal yourself and be empowered!
Michael Stone spent his career as a corporate Organizational Development Consultant, Communications Specialist, and Leadership Trainer. He is a shamanic practitioner and ULC minister who has been teaching and leading transformational workshops for over 40 years. Michael's consulting company, Mastery of Management International (MMI), focused on bringing heart and meaning into the workplace. For over 25 years he worked with Fortune 500 companies, NGOs and social profit institutions throughout Europe and North America. Michael started his career as the sales manager and director of marketing for the first commercial personal computer company, IMSAI Computers, which eventually became Computerland. Michael left to invest in and help Roy Alper create Independent Power Company (IPC), a successful consulting company focused on growing and advising independent power companies building alternative energy power plants. In 1981 he sold his shares in IPC and founded MMI where he worked until retiring in 2006. Since leaving the corporate consulting, speaking and training circuit Michael has become a producer/ broadcaster with KVMR a local, independent public radio station, and moderates an award winning show called Conversations: Possibilities and Perspectives on Local and Global Issues. His show is an author's showcase, which focuses on Environmental Restoration, Spiritual Fulfillment, Community Organizing, Health and Wellness and Social Justice Issues. Michael has done live feed to KVMR from international locations covering environmental and social justice conferences. He is also a journalist who contributes to numerous publications, including his own e-newsletter, The Well of Light. Michael has extensive somatic movement training and has completed teacher trainings in Trance Dance, Soul Motion, and Gabrielle Roth's Five Rhythms. He has brought his training in communications, gestalt, gender reconciliation, meditation, movement, shamanism, and philosophy to bring a totally unique approach to his in depth personal, relational, and organizational coaching and teaching. He has an MSOD from Pepperdine University and completed the 2-year post-graduate program in International Organizational Systems Development through the Cleveland Gestalt Institute.
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