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Mimi Bonhomme
Recorded: Feb 20, 2016 at 10:00 pm EDT
Join mediums Mimi Bonhomme and Alison Alfinn for an evening of mediumship, as they channel Christopher Columbus, who has come forward and asked to speak with us. We will be taking your questions. This event is free, and will be recorded.
This presentation is packed with valuable insights into why you may be stuck in your life and how to bust through those blocks with easy and effective steps. In this class you will: *Receive more clarity on how to create what you want *Activate you intentions *Ignite your intuitive awareness *Gain skills to take fearless action *Apply insights to personal health and business life *Unleash your personal power
We will be looking at various tools to help you get your own answers How to use and create your own pendulum http://www.crystaltiger.com/sa02003.htm 2) Divining rod's and how they work http://www.wikihow.com/Use-Dowsing-or-Divining-Rods 3) Using muscle testing to get answers angelguides.com/how-to-muscle-test-yourself/ http://www.synergistickinesiology.com/what_is_kinesiology.html 4) Ideomotor response Of or relating to an unconscious or involuntary bodily movement made in response to a thought or idea rather than to a sensory stimulus.Using Angel cards. 5) Angel oracle cards http://www.angeltherapy.com/oracle-cards
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Mimi is a certified medium and angel card reader, an energy healer, as well as an intuition/mediumship development mentor and teacher. As a highly sensitive child, Mimi was able to feel, see and hear spirit's energy around her, and would know intimate things about people around her without understanding where this knowledge came from. Unwilling to accept this side of herself, she decided to shut off her abilities throughout her adult life, which led to feelings of confusion and depression. It wasn't until her father's death in 2011 that Mimi decided to fully embrace her intuitive abilities again. She found that learning to re-develop one's intuition came with lessons of patience, self-love, and trust. Today, she teaches intuition development in her own down-to-earth way, by focusing on energy, intentions and learning emotional detachment. She is also created the website psychicpunx.com for spiritual misfits who don't relate to the new age movement.
George Gomond Intuitive Life coach I blend my my training as a clinical hypnotherapist at Hypnosis Motivational Institute, a shaman apprenticeship,and metaphysical studies at the University Metaphysical Science. I am a gifted intuitive and using this ability to receive answers from higher consciousness. For the last 24 years, I have used these gifts and talents to help people solve problems and envision the life they want.My primary tool is therapeutic meditation. Before this activity,I spent over 25 years in the business world in management, finance,and sales.
I am the creator of "Let Go and Live On" and the "Clear Confidence Energy Mastery" Program for Empaths and Holistic Healers. As a professional intuitive and spiritual healer I have helped hundreds of people clear their energy and connect with and mainfest their authentic vision for a joyful life.
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