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Discover the truth about eating carbohydrates as part of your diabetic diet.
Ramona Beville
Diabetes > Mindfulness and..
Recorded: Jun 08, 2016 at 07:00 pm EDT
Do you feel challenged when trying to keep your blood sugar balanced? Cravings on top of cravings, feeling deprived and restricted and always trying to do the right thing is really difficult. I understand, I have been there, but I have found solutions. Let me share them with you. If you are feeling uncomfortable and out of control, I get it and I am here to help you. It does not have to be difficult to reach your desired health outcomes and you don't have to feel alone. I will share my journey and how I finally got off the blood sugar roller coaster. It's not about perfectionism, this pursuit of health, and following all the 'rules' but about changing your mindset. We expect ourselves to be perfect and it's just not realistic. I will share with you how being easier on yourself and adding the right ingredients into your life is the path to ease and grace and finding your balance. I know you might feel like you've tried everything. Are you ready for a new perspective? What if you believed you had control of your destiny and it didn't have to be difficult? Things do become easier just by believing something different about yourself. We are the results of our thoughts, actions and attitudes, and it all starts with your beliefs. You will learn tools to believe in yourself and to uncover beliefs that do not serve you. Are you ready to start believing and applying the actions that create the life and great health you deserve? Here is what you will learn when you join my 'stop sabotaging behaviors' live call: 1 Cravings, their cause and how to control them. 2 Use the power of your brain to balance blood sugar. 3 How I went from unhealthy and unhappy to healthy and happy and how you can too.
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The Center for Love and Light is proud to host a Spiritual Support Group Chat each month. Our next online chat will take place on Wednesday, March 18 at 7:00 PM EST and will be hosted by Keith Dykes. The Center for Love and Light has pulled together a group of spiritual healers, teachers, and mediums to help those who are interested in spiritual growth and development, and who will guide and facilitate the chat sessions. We understand that many people feel isolated and are not able to talk about their spiritual experiences and abilities in a safe environment. Our Spiritual Support Group allows you to do just that. These chat dates are not about receiving a reading, but allow you to share your story and to gain insight on what is happening with you on a spiritual level. Whether you are feeling confused at your own natural abilities, or want to gain greater insight on different spiritual topics, you will be able to connect with other people who have similar experiences and questions. We are interested in helping everyone in your time of enlightenment. These chats are not based on one belief system or religion, but are open to all systems of belief and interest. Our facilitator for this evening will be Keith Dykes. Keith is a Board Certified Trainer/Instructor of Hypnosis, Spiritual Counseling, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Reiki. He is a Master Hypnotist, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Spiritual Hypnotherapy Specialist. To learn more about Keith, please visit his website at:http://keithdykes.com
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The Center for Love and Light located in Atlanta, GA offers a wide array of classes, workshops and events aimed at spiritual growth and development. We have very diverse and talented group of local healers, teachers, mediums, etc. who carry out these events both in person at our Center and online through Learn it Live.
I am a Spiritual Translator, Medium, author, artist and teacher of metaphysics. My goal is to explore as much of the unknown as possible and share that information with whoever wants to hear it. I have been working in this field for over 3 years now and my spiritual gifts just keep growing. I especially like to work with energy and how to deal with energy as well as I have a show on YouTube channeling from spirit world many historical figures from the very ancient to the recent to alien contact. I aim to help others contact the spirit world and heal themselves along the way thereby opening the door to a great spiritual life.
Since 1985 Dianne has leveraged print and broadcast media to demystify the basics of healthier eating. Using a variety of strategies she has motivated hundreds of diabetics to effectively manage their wellness through increased nutritional awareness. Experience and Distinctions A Certified Diabetes Educator for eight years and a Registered Dietitian for 35 years Dianne is engaged with a diverse patient population on a broad range of nutritional needs. She counsels one on one and in small group settings as to specialized dietary concerns. Dianne has been recognized as a national Young Dietitian of the Year by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
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