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Thu Sep 28 at 07:40 pm EDT
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3 Session(s)
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About This Class
All budding herbalists love to make their own topical herbal products at home. The easiest and most fun are salves.

Making a salve is a three step process which we will go through over three sessions. First we will learn to make an infused oil. Discuss measuring your ingredients and determining how strong your oil will be. Our second session, two weeks later, we will strain our oils and discuss how we can use the oil itself and how some of the possible herbs can be used differently. Session three will focus on making salves themselves. ...See All
Additional Information
Make this product with us by gathering your ingredients now:
2 cups of Olive Oil
200 grams of one herb (Beginner options include: calendula, plantain, comfrey, yarrow, cayenne, ginger, rosemary)
1 quart glass jar
2-3oz beeswax (60-100g)
Method of grinding herbs-blender or coffee grinder
Muslin cloth
Funnel or mesh strainer and bowl
Glass or ceramic pot that is safe to use on your stove top
Measuring cup
Metal tins or small glass jars to store salve in
Masking tape or sticker labels
Permanent marker
Essential ...See All
Learners Enrolled (2)
Poolesville, USA
Interested in Herbal medicine for emergencies, people and pets. Also finding more palatable ways to offer them.