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Tue Apr 26 at 09:15 pm EDT
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1 Session(s)
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About This Class
In this class you will learn:

The basic philosophy and symbolism of the Tingshas &Tibetan bowls so that you will have the working knowledge you'll need,
How to use them effectively in each room,
Tools of the trade,
The Anatomy of a Space Clearing Session,
Detailed description of each segment,
Pre and Post Clearing Instructions and Recommendations,
Practical Questions and Procedures that help develop skill and mastery,
Answers to frequently asked questions
Where and how to purchase the highest quality tools and instruments for space clearing.
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Additional Information
"Di�áne was a gentle yet powerful guide for the space clearing of my home. She helped me clarify and strengthen my intentions for what I needed to release and what I wanted to invite into my life. I now see my home as my ally as I move forward in a new direction. The experience was all I hoped it would be and more." Sandy O, CA