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Wed Mar 23 at 09:00 pm EDT
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2 Session(s)
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About This Class
Your marriage was a tremendous learning experience for you, and the more deeply you feel wounded by your partnership the greater your opportunity to transform your wounds into your power moving forward in your life. This workshop teaches ways of uncovering the misperceptions that led to suffering, understanding the patterns in the relationship dynamics, and stepping into your power by taking responsibility to clean up your side of the street.
Additional Information
This workshop is part of a 12-part series derived from the book From We To Me: Emerging Self After Divorce by Kerri Hummingbird. In the book and workshop series, Kerri shares insights from her own journey to living as a single mom after the end of a 20 year relationship. This book/workshop is the collection of wisdom Kerri gained from studying with spiritual thought leaders, and profound shifts in paradigm she discovered through trials and tribulations that will guide you in your own process of emerging self after divorce. The inquiries in this workshop series are challenging and deeply grounded ...See All