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"Online Office Hours" is a "first come, first served" for members of the monthly online Coaching Hour! Members attending live sessions can ask (by voice or text) their coaching questions and get real time, live interaction and coaching from Jeff Klubeck. If there are no questions, Jeff will be "ready to go" with his "takes" on the gamut of personal and professional development topics that most of his clients bring up in his sessions. The "next-best-thing" to hiring Klubeck as YOUR personal Coach is subscribing to Online Office Hours!
You have done 2 complimentary sessions with Jeff Klubeck (or one of his trained coaches) and decided that this program fits better with your budget and needs than a Private Coaching relationship. Or, you already know that a "public coaching/accountability" environment is the right environment for you!
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Melodie Tao is a Marketing Consultant, Educator and Professional Speaker with a mission to inspire others to optimize their online presence through digital technology and social media to grow their business. As an International Public Speaker on Marketing and Social Media, Melodie is excited to share her expertise to empower her audience with tools and knowledge to be successful in a digital age. She's presented at conferences and workshops across the nation, in Asia and the Middle East. Melodie's speaking style is personal, enthusiastic and inspirational. She's currently available to speak to your organization in various formats including keynotes, panels and seminars. Melodie has served as an Adjunct Marketing Professor at National University and Platt College San Diego. Melodie develops curriculum for both BA and MBA programs reflecting the changing landscape of digital marketing. Courses created and taught include: - Advanced Social Media Marketing- MBA course - Interactive Strategies - Interactive Campaigns - Marketing and Communications Combining her experience in traditional media with digital technology, Melodie has successfully launched interactive campaigns and promotions for national brands, including AT&T, Microsoft, Ralphs/Kroger, Westfield Malls, Colgate Palmolive, AMC Theaters, Red Bull, Insect Shield, Verizon Wireless, Verizon Networkfleet, NBC Universal, and Melodie's passion is marketing so connect with her to learn how you can grow your business.
San Diego, USA
San Diego, USA
I am married to my best friend, a mom to 4 awesome kiddos, and expert in loving life. I am highly analytical and woo woo, flip flopping between the two, always striving for balance in every area of my life. I believe in the healing power of positivity and love, and that we all deserve to be happy and live our best life possible. I use the energy therapy techniques of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) and Matrix Reimprinting to help adults and children find relief and personal transformation from emotional or physical challenges. Like so many people seeking to heal and transform themselves from the inside, I've made it my mission to really understand myself and others. I've worked hard to align my head, heart, and soul to support the growth and healing of myself and everyone I know. I made it my mission to learn EFT and Matrix Reimprinting when my son experienced such severe anxiety that he became agoraphobic. He would hide away in his room and cry all day. He wouldn't talk about it. He refused to leave the house or go to school, afraid that he would get hurt or tricked and that it just wasn't safe. On days when we convinced him to go to school, he would end up sitting under the desk, crying. At recess, he would climb a tree and refuse to come down, saying it wasn't safe. It was devastating. After I'd tried everything I could and nothing was working, I'd had enough. I screamed out to the universe, This is not ok! My son is in pain! Send me the person or the thing right now, that will help him feel better! Well, I believe in synchronicity. EFT popped up in my search and I remembered that I had the manual on my computer. I also happened to have the book and the movie. So I looked up training opportunities and found one taking place the next week at the Tapping the Matrix Academy. I took the training and the rest just feels like a string of miracles! I'm happy to report that my son is back in school and has found the happy person he used to be. I got my son back! I continue to use EFT daily with my children and it is the best gift our family has ever received. How EFT and Matrix have helped me: Healed my allergies to all poultry, after 8 years of suffering Healed my allergy to milk, after 8 years of suffering Healed my knee pain, after 16 years of pain Released and replaced a lot of self-limiting beliefs, self-doubt, negative self-talk and more Shifted my limiting beliefs into positive, life affirming beliefs Strengthened my Law of Attraction muscles Given me strength and acceptance in my human vulnerabilities Brought insight, understanding, and forgiveness to childhood pains and traumas Overcoming my perfectionism Healed major anxiety for my children Made me a better parent Given me the confidence and tools to help heal my children as issues arise In addition to EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting, I have certifications in Redirecting Children's Behavior and Redirecting Teacher's Behavior. My training includes non-violent communication and conflict resolution. My greatest teachers have been my own children, to whom I owe so many thanks! My family keeps me balanced and inspired, and help provide the foundation from which I can go out and serve the world. I love the beauty of nature, camping, rock climbing, BBQ's, reading, movies, good food, and meaningful conversations with my friends. I love quiet walking and dancing my feet off. I love to go within and be inspired. I absolutely LOVE EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting and seeing the immediate relief it brings to my clients. I believe healing is possible and I want to shout it from the roof-tops. Even though my life is filled with joy, I have my ups and downs just like you. I work with other practitioners to help me deal with the bumpy roads of life. I have found that working with other practitioners allows me to go deeper into my own understanding of myself, making my healing deeper and permanent. My goal is to partner with you on your journey to inner peace. I am deeply honored to support you, whether we work one-on-one, or in a group. Please contact me and let me know how I can help. All my love, Shannon
Poway, CA, USA