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I work in a small rural hospital as a clinical dietitian but have recently taken the Food As Medicine course from the Center for Mind Body Medicine and am very passionate about learning more about this approach to wellness.
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Join Amanda Archibald on a virtual visit to the restaurant of one of Italy's emerging chefs. Connect the dots between his menu and how the ingredient he uses talk the language of our DNA. Then we'll visit the Islands of Ikaria in the Aegean Sea and Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea and look at how their simple, traditional fare and way of life is in fact some of the best "medicine" we can take. For the final part of this webinar, we'll head back to the Dolomite region of Northern Italy (Italian Alps) for a pictorial journey through food, culture, traditions of this stunning region. Once again we'll connect the trilogy of food, traditions and cultural values to a language that can connect with our genes
Blue Zones are geographical locations where clusters of people live beyond the age of 100. Two of these Blue Zones are in the Mediterranean. In this webinar, learn about these Mediterranean islands and the lifestyle and food habits of the centenarians who live there. Then we'll look a little deeper under the hood to reveal how compounds in the foods of these longevity islands are literally talking to our genes. Learn which foods these are and how to serve them up on your plate in simple and delicious ways. Amanda Archibald with Dr Joe Veltmann
Your DNA is your internal genetic operating system. It is the software that runs your body. Just as a computer's operating system needs thousands of lines of code to function, the human body needs DNA to code for its biological functions. And it turns out that certain foods have more influence over your genes than others. Join us to learn about some of these foods and how they talk to your genes. Then step into our virtual kitchen and watch as we show you how to prepare foods to get the best out of your own personal operating system Joe Veltmann, PhD and Amanda Archibald, RD
Within each of us are three main energy centers of light. Learn a simple visualization to activate these three key energy centers and connect to the web of Divine Light in the universe. This process was gifted to Leontine by the Elohim, a group of high vibration spiritual teachers. It is a process that strengthens the balance of the inner masculine and feminine energies and helps expand consciousness.
Sarah McLean
Recorded: Dec 06, 2015 at 06:30 pm EDT
Mindfulness is a way of life where you are engaged in what you are doing completely, each moment that arises. This engaged lifestyle can be cultivated through formal seated and movement meditation practices and also through less formal momentary practices such as eating, sitting, showering, driving, walking and listening. Have you ever heard the statement - You must be present to win!? That statement could be describing your life. Your life happens right now, it unfolds one moment at a time, and if you are distracted or "not present" emotionally or mentally, you won't have the opportunity to experience your emotions, engage in your relationships, enjoy your hobbies or savor your life. What do you do to practice being present? How do you practice mindfulness meditation? How does it train you for a more mindful life? Join meditation mentor Sarah McLean, a best-selling author and the director of the Meditation Teacher Academy in Sedona, Arizona, and hear her secrets to successful formal meditation, and the practices she suggests for a more mindful life.
The Holidays are a wonderful period of celebration, family and gratitude. But there's something about cold, dark days and long nights that scream out for comfort filled meals. Plus you're stressed to the max with your holiday shopping and before you know it, the stealth fat inserts itself in imperceptible degrees and suddenly you're sporting a muffin top and recoiling in horror from your reflection in the mirror. But you don't have to fall into this trap! Learn the secret prescription for enjoying the time-crunched, temptation packed holiday season without the sugar and stress, so you can outsmart the holiday weight gain: Discover how to: - Reverse the frustrating cycle of stress and weight gain - Naturally balance your blood sugar and say goodbye to cravings - Snooze to lose weight - Awaken your feel good from the inside out instead of overindulging at holiday parties
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Are you struggling to lose weight in spite of careful calories and lots of exercise? Research tells us that you might be looking in the wrong place and running down the wrong street. Join Mary Jo FIshburn, MD to learn how the hidden "I" - inflammation and insulin - may be influencing your weight challenges and strategies for regaining control. Learn what fires up inflammation and why it may be blocking weight loss. Listen is as Dr Fishburn discusses the insulin seesaw - and how it works against your weight. Then walk into the kitchen with Amanda Archibald, RD and watch as we translate science to the plate.
Barbara Brower
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Recorded: Feb 10, 2015 at 01:45 pm EDT
For years we have been told that when Calories In (food) = Calories Out (activity/exercise) our weight will stay the same. So in order to lose weight we just have to eat less and/or exercise more. Surprise!! There are some holes in that way of thinking and may be why you are unable to lose those pounds or are not able to feel as healthy as you like. Log on for the low down.
Hearing a lot about detox and cleanse? Fad, fiction, dangerous or relevant? This two part series will cut to the chase and provides you with answers and strategies your may be looking for. LEARN Detoxing and cleansing: the difference, the purpose and the benefits How to use food to re-set your metabolism and overall well-being The health benefits of a detox and when/how to detox versus cleanse How to prepare your body for a smooth and easy detox. KITCHEN D.I.Y Which foods naturally support detoxification and cleansing in your body Simple ways to incorporate them into a simple eating framework for cleansing or detox. Deep clean soups, grab-and-go salads, smoothies with a cleansing punch With Functional Nutrition Expert, Meryl Brandwein, RD and Culinary Nutrition Expert, Amanda Archibald, RD
Part of our "Eat Your Cure" Series! In this 1.5 hour webinar featuring Mary Jo Fishburn, MD, we'll examine how food and lifestyle choices can fuel your mind, but also create those cloudy days when you can't think clearly. Learn what causes the weather to change in our brain and which foods might be the culprit. Then learn how to make food and lifestyle choices that nourish your inner weather system for calm, fog-free, clear-thinking days. Webinar includes medical insights, nutrition direction, live culinary demo and recipes for your to try at home. Watch live or listen to a recording at your convenience.
Join Functional Medicine Expert, Mary Jo Fishburn, MD and Culinary-Nutrition Expert, Amanda Archibald, RD and learn how to restore your core energy and vitality. Do you ever feel like you're dragging before you even get out of bed? Finding it hard to power through the day? Sleeping more but loosing the pep in your step? You are not alone.Ultimately our energy and vitality depends on a few things: The food we eat The environment we are exposed to The stress we live with The ability of each of our cells to extract energy to fuel our life In this webinar, learn how your cells extract energy and fuel your body so that you feel vibrant and energetic. Learn which factors impede this intricate process and how you can remove these impediments from your life. Then walk with us right into the kitchen. You'll learn how to use simple ingredients in easy ways to power up your cells and get your body humming. Leave with a toolkit of learning resources, recipes and interpretive roadmaps that allow you to walk new knowledge right into your kitchen
Join Functional Medicine Expert, Mary Jo Fishburn, MD and Culinary Nutrition Expert, Amanda Archibald, RD for some natural pain relief through food and nutrition. Learn what inflammation is, and which food and lifestyle choices fan the flames Discover the intricate connection between your gut, digestion and the pain you feel. Then walk right into your kitchen and create some natural pain relievers through simple recipes and home made relishes that can replace some of the expensive remedies you may be trying. Leave with a toolkit of learning resources, recipes and interpretive roadmaps that allow you to start making your own best medicine.