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In my search for self, and in my search for an end to suffering, I've learned many tools to help with emotional pain and anxiety. In 2014, I began teaching others what I've learned. In the process, I found I have a knack for teaching. People tell me that I have an ability to take something complex and break things down in simplistic terms; which makes things easier to learn.

I believe everyone deserves (and needs on some level) to be seen and heard, and to feel loved and safe. I've come to realize many of us ...See All


Certified Reiki Master/Teacher
Licensed Spiritual Minister
Bachelor's in Metaphysics
Chakra Analysis and Healing
Certified Angel Card Reader
Guided Visualization/Meditation

Experience and Distinctions

Reiki - all levels
Chakra Analysis and Healing Practitioner and Teacher
Public TV show offering spiritual information
Spiritual Leader and Teacher
Past Life Healing

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Mon Nov 30 2020 at 08:30 pm EST
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Mon Nov 30 2020 at 10:31 pm EST
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Tuesday Feb 14, 2017
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This meditation guides you on how to name your ego. Ego is present for many reasons. Sometimes it thinks it can prevent us from stepping out and getting hurt. If we're operating from fear, we're most likely operating from ego. By naming the ego, often it allows us to recognize it sooner so we can separate ourselves from it when we choose to. If it jumps up while you're practicing meditation, reiki, spiritual development, etc., learn how to recognize it so you can release it. Class will be recorded Live.
Looking for a Reiki Buddy to practice with? If you're a reiki level 2 practitioner, or higher, you are welcome to join us. As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I know how important it is to practice. I also realize that many don't use their distant reiki skills (for various reasons). Here's your chance to hone your skills - and to receive! This is more of a meeting than a class. You'll be matched with another practitioner. My thought is that we'll keep the same reiki buddy for 3 months. We may meet once a month here on Learn It Live to share thoughts or suggestions. Every three months we'll switch buddies. I'll walk you through, if you're unfamiliar, of how to program reiki treatments. The idea is that you'll send reiki once a month, but program it to work throughout the month. This way, you and your reiki buddy will receive reiki every week for 3 months; though you'll only be actually sending it once a month. I'll explain more at the start of the meeting. So, if you're looking to enhance your reiki skills, come join us! This class will not be recorded. Only those who attend Live will be placed with a Reiki Buddy.
Join us as we connect with the Archangels, Ascend Masters, Saints, and Deities. We connect with well- and lesser-known spirits. Many of us have discovered new spirit guides and helpers. The messages we receive individually are beautiful, insightful, and uplifting. Many people receive universal messages as well. In each class we connect with 3-4 new spirits, so no two classes are the same. This is great practice for opening up to divine guidance. It also helps to build upon your "clairs" (clairvoyance, clairaudiance, clairsentience, etc.) and mediumship skills. Practice makes perfect. Practice with us! Have your journal ready!
FREE Reiki Healing for the Holidays During the stressful times of the holidays and COVID, it's important to remember that you need to take care of yourself as well. In support of self-care, on Saturday, December 12th from 12-2 pm EST, we are offering online 10-minute healing sessions to those who would like to receive it. All you need to do is sign up, show up, and receive. Healing sessions are offered on a first come, first served basis. Each person will be placed in a private, online room with a practitioner. You can request the practitioner to focus on a particular area, or they will give Reiki intuitively. From our hearts to yours. Practitioners: Rev. Tish Niedzwiecki, Reiki Master ( Rev. Rick Stuttler, Reiki Master ( Steve Young, Reiki 2 Practitioner (
As much as I'd love to see all of your lovely faces in person, due to covid we'll be having it online this year. I'm still working on the details, but I thought we could have a couple fun contests: • ugliest sweater • best/funniest Christmas video found on YouTube • most inspiring original work (poem, short story, channeled work, etc.) I'll have more details, such as prizes, when it gets closer. • Have your oracle cards ready. I think it would be nice to pick a card or two for the coming year - and share it with us! I'll have my cards ready if you'd like me to pick from one of mine. • Eat! Since we can't eat together in person, I'm hoping everyone will have something to eat while we're online. We can still enjoy good food together. I look forward to seeing you!
This class will be given LIVE, no recording will be made available for public view. *** Those of spirit can speak spirit. We've spent our life speaking human language, but spirit-speak is part of you. Come spend some time opening up and communicating with the spirit world. We'll practice communicating with passed loved ones and the angelic realm. There is no prerequisite besides an open mind and heart, and a willingness to give it a try. You might be surprised by how well you're able to communicate. I'll guide you along the way.
Tap into your Warrior-Self! Do you struggle with negative self-talk, low confidence, or hold onto the negative words of others? I'll walk you through how to tap into your warrior-self using imagery and chakras. Stand tall. Uncover the warrior inside you. Let her/him help destroy some of what has been holding you back in life.
This class will be LIVE. No recording will be available. We could all use more peace before the holidays. It's so important that we take time to breathe. Carve out time for yourself and join us. This peaceful meditation takes you deeper into your being. Breathe. Step into the holidays with a more peaceful and grounded being.
Make an impact on the spirit world. The purpose of this series is to help lost and hurting souls to go into the light; and to help shift and cleanse the energy of the site and event. Hone and develop your psychic senses while you make an impact on the spirit world. We'll listen to the spirits stories, offer healing, and help those who haven't gone into the light - so long as they agree. Finally, we'll send healing to the site. In this Spirit Circle, we're going to visit the site of the Danvers State Hospital (Asylum). Here's some information:
Tap into Mother Earth energy. I'll guide you on how to bring this beautiful, grounding energy up into your body, clear out the old, stagnant energy and blockages, and down into Earth to be transmuted. Have your journal ready so you can take notes of your experience. Class will be recorded live.
Please note: This is the AFTERNOON class. It will be held LIVE ONLY. Any recording will only be made available to those who join us live. Tish will guide you, through meditation, to different realms of light for personalized messages. We'll visit our personal Spirit Guides and Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, and lastly we'll visit the realm of our past loved ones. Why join us? Taking time to go within and connect to the spirit realm could bring you insight to life's issues that can help you navigate your journey. It's also a great way to honor your spirit and those who have been watching over you, spiritually. You may even find that you feel lighter, hopeful, or more focused afterward.
We were all born with healing hands. In fact, you have the ability right now to start using them. You can also use the energy of your breath to aid in your own healing. It's fun to learn and it's wonderful to use. Give yourself an extra boost on your healing and spiritual journey. Class will be held live online, but will be recorded to view or purchase later.
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