Health Advocate - Motivational Speaker & Business Consultant.
She educates people on how to achieve better health and wealth by using Lifewave's nanotechnology patches instead of needles.


International Business - Marketing - Education

Experience and Distinctions

Over of 30 years of experience as a top executive for international corporations.
She loves to teach. She's taught English as a second language to foreigners and bilinguals.
She is an expert in organizational Skills. Over the years she has developed her own successful system of elearning.
She was awarded by LifeWave as a Leadership Award Winner in 2011

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2/3 using all 7 frequences of patches according to 5 element protocol 6/4 triple boosting energy 4/5 Lemfos - Dredging Leaders Meeting for decision making - Brain storming & Strategy "Together, we can make things happen. "What is Lifewave's three slogan of Philosophy?" by David Schmidt The philosophy of LifeWave is: HEALTH - WEALTH & GIVEN MADE SIMPLE
The CONFIDENCE CLUB is a private club. Members will meet weekly, on Wednesday nights at 10 pm. The annual fee is 25$ The CONFIDENCE CLUB was created to educate, support, encourage, modivate and assist our Lifewave members for their success both in patching and buliding their Lifewave Business. Testimonials will be shared and answers will be provided concerning the elearning training "7 step to success" of www.bettyaslanis.gr Members of the Club will be able to interact and communicate. Ethos is a primary principle among the members of this club.
The purpose of this Club is to update doctors & practitioners with the latest breakthrough practices of Patching, using the nanotechnology patches of LifeWave without having to attend to Conferences & meeting which is time consuming and very expensive practice. Classes meet the first Monday of the month at 10.30 p.m. The class opens at 10.00 pm In addition, the members of this club will share testimonials and receive assistance for difficult case studies. The spirit of excellent communication and ETHOS is a major principle of this Club that must be followed by all members for growth and prosperity.
Learn about Lifewave's business opportunity and marketing plan. It provides answers and knowlege for the success of your LifeWave Business. Meet every first Monday of the month from 9.00 - 10.00 pm The class opens at 8.30 pm Firsts meeting date, on Monday 9th March!!!! Communication daily through the facebook Secret Group "Success Academy" ask for your access through facebook: Aslanis Betty or communicate at www.bettyaslanis.gr
Group Therapy subject: "How to lose weight,while gaining health" The Group Therapy consists of 14 sessions "train the trainer", combining the lifewave patches. Group Therapy participants are devided in 5 groups acccording to their health issue. This program is for Practitioners & Health Coaches, who practice LifeWave Technology. It's a "Train the Trainer" program, encouraging the GROUP THERAPY consept by combining successfully the lifewave nanotechnology patches according to the 5 element protocol of the Western Medicine as a supplementary method to improve all areas of health. The subject of this Group Therapy was "How to lose weitht, while gaining health" in 3 months or in a 5 week cycles by adapting the above main principle. Participants will learn: How to lose weight while gaining health, how to adopt new knowledge, good habits, improve their life style, recognize their shortcuts in a good spirit and as a result to improve their overall health or the health of others. How to create their own Group Therapy to increase, personal growth and prosperity. The teaching of the GROUP THERAPY includes 2 Phases - CYCLES. Cycle 1 : Preparation of the body - spirit, detox techniques, diet strategies and encouragement Cycle 2: Introduction to the 5 element protocol,patch combination, knowledge of the meridians and how to adapt a fixed protocol as a final approach. Special Quest speakers: Antonia Moutafi a profound nutritional therapist, a functional medicine expert and the author of the book "I'm losing weight the extra weight while gaining health" available in Amazon. Dr. Cleio Gomozia, a reputable teacher of acupuncture who enlightens and provides in simple manner knowledge on specific acupuncture points and meridians & Practitioners of B.Aslanis Training Team: Dr. Dimitris Giamalis & Stavros Kalafatis,certified lifewave practitioner - acupuncturist & Poppi Kefaloukou - logo therapist. Questions were also supported by the Face bookSecret Group page "Ta 7 bhmata thhs epityxias".
This is a Lifewave Product Training Course "Advanced 1". It covers 10 lessons, workshops, comprehension test, testimonials in very detail manner including pain management techniques, different methods of detoxification, explanations on LifeWave's protocols - strategies and the science behind the nanotechnology patches.
LifeWave Products for Wellness Professionals. Pain Relief Training Course in ENGLISH Patches & Epilepsy! Poppy Kefaloukou, a lifewave practiotioner & logotherapist talks about the story of Sofia who is now 23 years old and she was on anti-epileptic medication since 7 years old. She also had a stroke as a result of the first vaccination. She started using patches 3 years ago and her life changed completely. She reduced her medication, improved body movement and her EEG surprised everybody!!
These classes are for advanced level students who attended BHMA 1 -4 and are now challenged to practice their patching knowledge and experience. Students are encouraged to adapt a LEARN BY DOING approach. Students will work on the 5 element chart and be able to produce their own protocols. Also, successful protocols will be analyzed and live testimonials will be heard.