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Margaret Marshall is The Healthy Living Expert. She is an articulate communicator and easily relates to an audience because of her realistic strategies to maintain a healthy mindset and lifestyle.
Margaret enjoys almost three decades in the wellness/weight loss industry. She had a seventeen- year-run as a speaker and trainer for Weight Watchers, and the last fourteen years as an international speaker, and media personality. She presents wellness programs at Amtrak, Pepsi, JDA, Amex, Metlife, Cannon USA, National Grid, Sterling Equities, Fort Hamilton USAG, Time Inc, Time Warner Music, Verizon, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, CIBC, Sterling National ...See All

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There are more ways to gain weight than you can imagine. Eating too much and lack of exercise are the most well known, while lack of sleep is largely underrated. Join Margaret Marshall, author of "Body, Mind, & Mouth" to address lifestyle issues, the everyday occurrences that happen when you are sleep-deprived: the many times when you think to yourself, "Why did I just do that?" The afternoon slumps you experience or the uncontrollable cravings to eat, especially sweets. Learn to get your energy from both sleep and food.
Your body craves what it is accustomed to having. Are you challenged with sugar cravings? Join Margaret Marshall, author of "Body, Mind, & Mouth" to learn the top four sugary items that Americans consume, and the most common health disorders caused by processed sugar. Most importantly you'll learn why sugar cravings are so strong and how you can combat them. Margaret will share with you three winning tips for you to combat your sugar cravings.
Family events, office parties, and festive gatherings, visitors, visiting, and no time for yourself, defines the final six weeks of each year. Join Margaret Marshall as she empowers you with 8 simple techniques to enjoy all your holiday food and traditions with overdoing it, feeling stuffed and sluggish. You can and will feel festive, energized, and easily ready for all events, each week. Join us to learn how.
Have you ever walked into a room, party, or business event, and you notice a lady or gentleman because they are well-put-together, and their skin, hair, and smile leave you envious. If you are not already that person, join Margaret Marshall, Your Personal Eating Expert, as she shows you the beauty magic in food. You will learn what food items to make sure are in your grocery cart each week, allowing you to become the "Stand Out Person" at the next event, or gathering.
Have you been told again and again, "What not to eat", to achieve your ideal body weight? Have you found that deprivation never equals weight loss. Join Margaret Marshall, Your Personal Eating Expertï, as she introduces you to her "Step Weigh to a Healthy Body". You will learn what to add to your eating, and your lifestyle, in order to achieve a healthy body and your ideal body weight. Something as simple as; Eating your fruit before your meal, helps with digestion and sweet cravings. Join this class and learn the 10 Step Weigh.
There is a common yearly weight loss cycle and August is second to December in the rate of weight gain, with September being second to January in weight loss. Why is this, and how can you change it? Join Margaret Marshall, "Your Personal Eating Expert" as she shows you how the yearly weight loss/weight gain cycle effects you. By attending this class you will stop the cycle of summer weight gain before August, and understand the cycle to make it work in your favor.
Margaret Marshall
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: Jun 09, 2014 at 01:00 pm EDT
The highest grossing restaurant chains in America are fast food restaurants. While fast food chains are making an effort to serve healthier selections and portions, they still have a very long way to go to make it a reality. Do you desire quantity or quality? Join Margaret Marshall, "Your Personal Eating Expert" as she shows you "10 Ways to Eat Out Healthfully". Regardless of where you choose to eat, or what you choose to eat, you'll discover how to eat healthfully in any type of restaurant.
Margaret Marshall
Health & Wellness
Recorded: May 19, 2014 at 01:00 pm EDT
When you travel your sleep patterns differ, you spending habits change, and your activity level will be out of the ordinary. Doesn't it make sense then, that your eating will also differ? This is your vacation eating, and it's completely different from your normal eating patterns. Margaret Marshall, "Your Personal Eating Expert", will show you in seven steps, how your vacation will be more pleasurable when you enjoy your food without being stuffed. You'll sleep better, feel terrific, and be energetic and lively throughout the entire trip.
Discover the five simple healthy habits, and see how easy it is to implement each one. Margaret Marshall will show you the most effective times to put these habits to use, making them last a lifetime. They will lead you to optimal health, your ideal body weight, and all the success associated with a healthy body and mind.
Are your lifestyle and eating style aging you? In this information-packed workshop, you'll learn Margaret Marshall's "Top 10 Lifestyle Secrets" to aging gracefully. You'll also understand the difference between anti-aging and age-defying. Learn how to make positive changes and take control of your life and your health.
Everybody wants what everybody has. Creating a healthy work environment benefits both employer and employee. For every $1.00 a company spends on its Wellness Program, it receives an average benefit of $3.40 to $7.80. And research shows wellness programs have a great impact on healthy employees, as well. It raises everyone's awareness, while creating an environment leading to fewer health risks, and greater productivity. Join Margaret Marshall as she helps you to navigate 8 Action Steps to maintain a healthy work environment for each employee. It begins with you and becomes contagious. Every BODY benefits.
Margaret Marshall
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: Feb 05, 2014 at 01:00 pm EDT
January and September are the big "diet" months. Gyms and neighborhood weight loss centers gear up for the incoming crowds. Where are those crowds in subsequent months, what happened to their goals, and why do people give up? Join Margaret Marshall as she helps you to understand that your ideal weight is your destination. Your goals are what you are willing to do to get to your destination. By attending this class you'll learn to focus on your goals, the only route to your destination. Register for this class and learn the 10 suggested goals to get you to your ideal weight, help you to manage your weight, and live a healthier lifestyle.
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