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As your business grows, issuing equity to employees and taking on investors, the ownership structure becomes less and less clear. In this informative session with Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLPís, Senior Accountant, David Siegel, youíll learn:

1. How to create a Capitalization Table
2. How to read a Capitalization Table
3. How to avoid the pitfalls of creating your equity structure

Your businessí Capitalization Table is one of the most important pieces of information you create. Donít roll the dice. Join David to hear what you can be doing now to manage...
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The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) is a startup accelerator that helps technology entrepreneurs in Georgia launch and build successful companies. Headquartered in Atlanta’s Technology Square, ATDC serves as the hub for technology entrepreneurship in Georgia. ATDC was named one of the “10 technology incubators that are changing the world” by Forbes Magazine in 2010.
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ATDC welcomes David Siegel a Senior Accountant at Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP (HA&W), specializing in audits of privately-held companies.  David has experience auditing pre-revenue startups to companies with revenues of more than $500 million. He works with companies in the manufacturing & distribution, and technology industries, with specific expertise of Fintech and payment processing companies.  David is well versed in technical issues such as complex debt and equity structures, equity compensation, complex revenue recognition, and inventory valuation. He also has experience assisting clients with acquisitions on the buy and sell side and he has assisted clients in analyzing large sets of data.  He is dual graduate of the University of Georgia where he earned both a BBA in Accounting and a Masters of Accountancy from the J.M. Tull School of Accounting.  You don't want to miss this HA&W Sponsored Event!