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I've been a facilitator of deep transformational change and spiritual teacher all of my life, and found the beginning of my professional calling as a result of my first divorce, over 3 decades ago. That was the beginning of my Heroine's Journey, when I embarked on a passionate search to find the real secrets to happiness and lasting love. This led to my becoming a Marriage and Family Relationship Therapist, specializing in helping couples heal from their painful past experiences and create truly fulfilling marriages. Along the path of my Heroine's Journey, I also went through a second divorce, before I discovered the deeper answers that empowered me to meet and marry my Beloved and co-create with him, our happy marriage of over 20 years now. Along the way, I have helped thousands of women and couples to gain the freedom to flourish themselves. After over 20 years in practice, I founded The Sophia Women's Institute to bring together the summation of my personal and professional learning, wisdom and expertise, to awaken women to their Feminine Spiritual Power to heal and transform their lives, create soul-satisfying love and fulfill their destinies. You can learn more about the Institute, by visiting www.TheSophiaWomensInstitute.com Thank you for visiting us here at Learn it Live. I welcome you joining our classes and honored to have you join our community.
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Do you hunger for more happiness and love? Just imagine creating the life and marriage you deeply want in a way that gracefully flows to you. In this class you will: Discover 7 timeless Universal Laws that undergird how we create our lives Learn the secret to living in harmony with the flow of gracefully creating the life and love your Soul deeply desires Finally learn how to uncover and solve the invisible roots to your life's greatest challenges, so you can thrive!
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