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Rev. Ellen Bourn is world-renowned for her incomparable accuracy in her Work with Spirit. Having discovered her Gifts as a child, Ellen has spent her lifetime practicing and honing these talents to better serve her clients. She began her career as an R.N., practicing her Medical Intuition, then later served her community as a Reverend, Medium and Master Astrologer. Her unique practice and unmatched talent has brought her clients ranging from business executives to professional sports teams.
As the former President of the Lily Dale Assembly, Rev. Ellen has dedicated her life to bringing the Love and Light of ...See All

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Mudras are "Finger and Hand Power Points." They are Yoga positions for your hands that can be done sitting in a chair, lying down, standing, or at any place or time. These easy techniques recharge your personal Energy, eliminate fatigue and burnout and contribute to your Well-Being. They can increase the Love and Abundance in your life. Improving your Mental Clarity and Intuition is more of the attributes of this type of Yoga Practice. You will learn how to use simple Mudras to promote your Spiritual and Soul's development. We will practice Meditation techniques and Healing Energies from a seated position. Please wear comfortable clothing.
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