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Location: Clementon NJ, USA
  • Spirituality
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1 Hour Private Meditation   ($75) [+] Show More Info

This session is to teach you the basics of meditation, and take you on a relaxing journey to your peaceful place to find the answers that you are looking for that lie deep within the subconscious. We will meet prior to this session for a 30 minute intake evaluation to learn how I can best help you. Register Today for a Private Meditation!

1 Hour Aromatherapy Session   ($150) [+] Show More Info

We look at what you are trying to fix, and create a customized plan using aromatherapy to help you. I also include the first (3) of the natural remedies that we plan to use within our session.(they will be shipped to you)

Past Life Regression Hypnosis   ($250) [+] Show More Info

Past Life Regression is extremely healing. I take you on a journey through your past lives to find out how they could be affecting your present life.This is split into 2 sessions, 1: 45 minute intake evaluation 2: approx 2 hour past life regression hypnosis session. Register Now!

Angel Art Psychic Reading   ($75) [+] Show More Info

(1) Angel Art Psychic Reading. View samples and learn the benefits of angel art readings at:

Tarot Card Psychic Reading   ($75) [+] Show More Info

1 Hour Psychic Tarot Card Reading to help find your path and what may be blocking you from reaching your higher purpose.

1 hour of Spiritual Coaching   ($75) [+] Show More Info

I will help you start changing your life for the better by developing your spiritual connection to the universe. I will first take you through a guided meditation to see where your blocks are, then we will be able to find the direction specifically for your own individual healing. On step at a time, we will enable you to find your higher self. Book a session with me today and get started! This is a 1 hour session.

1 Hour Hypnosis Session   ($75) [+] Show More Info

Whether it's phobias & fears, motivation and sports endurance, or weight loss and addiction, we can and will help you remove what is blocking you from moving forward in your life. HOW CAN HYPNOSIS HELP YOU? Chakra Balancing, Past Life Regression too! Learn more about Hypnosis:


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