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Location: mill valley, USA
  • Spirituality
Expert Services Offered
Herbal Medicine Consult   ($80) [+] Show More Info

Consultation on health concerns with a tongue diagnosis via your submitted photo and Chinese Herbal Medicine suggestions. (Does not include cost of herbs).

Intro to Shamanic Journeying   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

This is a 5 class package to learn how to do a shamanic journey. Class 1 - Meeting your power animal in the Lower World. 60 min. session (individual session $110) Class 2 - Communicate with your power animal in Lower World. 90 min. session (individual session $125) Class 3 - Meeting your teacher in the Upper World. 60 min. session (individual session $110) Class 4 - Communicating with your teacher in the Upper World. 90 min. session (individual session $125) Class 5 - Ask your divination question and how to ask it. 90 min. session (individual session $125)

Shamanic Journey Counseling   ($60) [+] Show More Info

Once you already know how to do your own Shamanic Journeying via drumming I am here to help answer of your questions, help you deeper your practice of question asking and discuss any situations or content experienced with your shamanic journeying. I can also suggest tips on how to deeper your practice.

Akashic Record Reading Counseling   ($60) [+] Show More Info

Once you know how to open your akashic records I will help answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process and help you deepen your practice.


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