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Location: Santa Cruz, USA
  • Personal Development & Coaching
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Human Design Blueprint   ($1) [+] Show More Info

Request your Human Design chart at This includes three brief videos to give you basic information about Human Design, your specific Type and one aspect of your chart that can make a big shift in how you manage relationships!

Decoding your Blueprint - week 1 (pre-recorded)   ($37) [+] Show More Info

Are you interested in Human Design? Have you seen your chart or had a reading? Are you wondering what to do with the information? A Human Design reading can be eye-opening. And while it’s often spot-on and inspiring, knowing how to integrate the information can be a challenge! But, that’s where the BIG LIFE SHIFTS come from. That’s why I’ve created this program! You can gain access to the first week only at an introductory price. Class includes prerecorded instruction session with handouts, and your personalized Chart.

90- min Human Design Reading    ($197) [+] Show More Info

Have you ever wondered who you really are and what you are here to do? And most of all, how to make that happen? Human Design is intriguing. It is a system that gives you a deep understanding about your life purpose and who you are meant to be, with your specific, innate strengths and skills. Human Design is a synthesis of several wisdom systems: astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, Chakra System and Quantum Physics. Together these systems blend into very practical knowledge: you understand how you best express yourself in the world and in your career.

Decoding your Blueprint with Human Design   ($197) [+] Show More Info

Are you interested in Human Design? Over the course of 6 weeks you’ll use different aspects of your Design to create an understanding of what it is like to be you.Using your own unique chart, you will learn: The five major Types of Human Design How to use your energy best and experience more satisfaction, success, peace & awe How to attract opportunities into your life by engaging your Type How to make decisions about which of those opportunities are truly right ones for you ..and much more!


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