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Melissa was born an intense, sensitive, power seeking soul. Her passion for giving a voice to the legitimate needs of children naturally evolved into becoming the co-creator of Leading Edge Parenting's programs and collaborator of "Authentic Parenting Power". Her greatest joy is offering parents of Highly Sensitive Children the wisdom to handle daily challenges in an emotionally healthy way.

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Fifteen to twenty percent of children in classrooms are highly sensitive, and yet many educators and parents are unaware of the research and implications for a conscious and intentional approach to helping these children thrive. In this presentation, Sandi and Melissa Schwartz offer practical guidance on how educators can provide support to highly sensitive students and their families. This session highlights observable traits, typical behaviors as reported by classroom teachers and parents, and adaptive strategies for helping these children. Participants receive a checklist that can be shared with parents and used as a foundation for creating a mutual plan of cooperation between home and school.
Every child is unique. Parents of Highly Sensitive Children frequently struggle to explain their children's behavior... to their spouses, teachers and family members. In this session you'll learn about Sensory Processing Sensitivity -- what your child "has". Hear cutting edge scientific research. Discover the different ways high sensitivity manifests (including empathy, energy reading and more..) Learn how to easily explain the trait to others! This session will also be beneficial to highly sensitive adults! Learn about what makes Y O U tick!
You've been reading articles about Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and you're pretty sure YOU are one... now what?? In this session you'll get the most important scientific research about Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS). You'll also discover the different ways high sensitivity manifests (including empathy, energy reading and more...) Learn how to clearly and simply explain your trait to others! Since HSPs tend to get overwhelmed easily it is helpful to pre-think answers for common scenarios. Participate live and ask questions or pre-register for the recording and send your questions in advance to [email protected]