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Seth David Chernoff is the award-winning author of the acclaimed Manual For Living book series. He was given the amazing gift of life after surviving cancer on two separate occasions. As an inspiring leader and an in-demand speaker, trainer and coach, he is also a successful businessman and the founder of multiple companies, . Seth has helped thousands of people find through his books, seminars, and lectures. Seth's work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Popular Mechanics, Business Week, USA Today, and on hundreds of TV and radio interviews nationally and internationally. Learn ...See All

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Result Driven Business Communication, focusing on engagement, positive language, managing up, communicating through challenges, clarity vs brevity, framing the message, critiquing with class, and much more.
Is that it? It's a new year - but is it really a new you? You made your New Years' resolutions and now your life is everything you wanted it to be...Really? If only it was that easy. Let's move BEYOND our need to "make resolutions" in our life that will make us happy. Instead, we need to find our happiness in THIS moment. But HOW? Our happiness is a direct result of the choices we make in any given moment. Ok, that sounds obvious I can hear you say...but wait, I'm still not happy? Remember, we only control WHO we choose to be and the ACTIONS we take - there is nothing else that we can control. Our happiness is a direct result of who we choose to be...and in this seminar we are going to dive into the basis for how we define ourselves - which is the root of defining happiness. We are all here for a unique purpose, and it is our responsibility to discover what that purpose is, and to live it in every waking moment. This physical existence by its very nature involves pain as we are challenged with illness, conflict, and eventually death - but these challenges NEED NOT DEFINE US. Through challenge and pain we have the opportunity to learn and to grow, to step into the fullness of ourselves, and to obtain true happiness and fulfillment. We all know that it takes more than one time per year to make the resolutions that will bring us happiness. In this workshop, we will dive in to the resolutions we make, and how to attain the happiness we desire regardless of the challenges we face. Happiness is attainable, and available...right now. Looking forward to having you join me...
Let two-time cancer survivor & award-winning author of the Manual For Living help you Find True Fulfi­llment and Lasting Happiness. Receive Straightforward Wisdom And Practical Guidance to help you Overcome Obstacles and Your Fear of Death, Learn How to Fully Experience Life, Reconnect With Your Inner Truth,Discover Your True Purpose. Learn How To Accept Pain But Release Suffering,Take Responsibility And Empower Yourself To Choose, And Exploit Your True Passion. What Are You Waiting For? There is no quick fix to life, no magic pill that will resolve your issues or fulfill your dreams. Transformation requires an ongoing commitment to growth and greatness. Do you want to change your life? Start RIGHT NOW. Don't wait until tomorrow, next week or next year to make the changes that will improve yourquality of life and allow you to find a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing. I invite you to consciously create your existence from a place of empowerment and freedom. You are here, in this life for a reason. You have a unique path and purpose that nobody else can fulfill for you. Your job is to discover what that is, and to live it in every waking moment. Remember - whatever it takes - your dreams are worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT!
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