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Jules has been doing psychic readings and channeling of other-worldly sources since 1985. Jules recently received an M.A. degree in Transformative Leadership, and is now a doctoral student in Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University. Her educational efforts are coupled with a work history of years in traditional social work, counseling and various other positions. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, a channel and a sensitive-empath (can sense feelings and discomfort within others.)
Jules specializes in transformative development, psychic development/awareness, channeling, and light work technique. She has clientele world-wide; many of these clients have been with Jules for decades. She is a ...See All


Doctoral student (presently) at California Institute of Integral Studies in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology

M.A. Transformative Leadership (CIIS, graduated 08-2015)
B.S. Counseling and Human Development

Experience and Distinctions

30 years as an Intuitive Consultant and Psychic Reader with clients all over the world.

Artist, Author, Freelance Content Writer. Social Worker and other various jobs.

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In the Manifesting Your Vision course we are taking a focused, self-directed approach to bringing what you want into your life. We say self-directed but manifesting in this way is also co-created. It is you, the others around you and your Higher Power directing this show. We always co-create the vision with the unseen forces in the Universe. This is the Define it, Design it, and Divine it way toward manifesting your vision into reality. This process requires some daily work and attention, but it should be fun for all that participate. In this intro to Manifesting Your Vision begin to know the psychic process, discover the paths of creation that are possible for you and choose the one of highest light. Start to design and work on the most appropriate destiny possible based on desire, logic, psychic foresight, and physical/emotional/mental balance. Participants should bring to the intro session some ideas of what he/she wishes to bring into his/her life, one from each of these areas: a personal relationship goal, a vocational/business goal, and a spiritual (soul desire) goal.
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