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Jim, a native of New Zealand, has spent the last thirty plus years living in California. He was initially inspired on his quest for freedom by the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, and then in 1984 met European nondual master, Jean Klein, who became his teacher. With Jean’s guidance, he finally realized freedom from the “I,” the “me,” and all its stories in the spring of 1995. Ever since then, he has been dedicated to sharing his message of awakening—of creating a new, more empowering life experience and story—with others.

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University of Auckland, Palmer College of Chiropractic

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A private session with Jim is one of the most powerful and effective ways to inquire into and uncover the stories that still keep you bound, preventing you from experiencing the love and richness possible in your relationships, work, and life. Sessions last about an hour and are done in person, over the phone, or even better, via webcam on www.skype.com

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Jim Dreaver
Recorded: Aug 19, 2014 at 11:30 pm EDT
Enlightenment, awakening, or freedom from suffering is easy when you see the truth, and begin to embody it in your daily life. And what is the truth you are seeing? That you are not your ever-changing thoughts, stories, or this “self” you think you are and which, as long as you remain identified with it, causes all your emotional reactivity. In seeing ever more clearly what you are not, you naturally come upon what you are—the pure, changeless, timeless, and vibrant awareness that is your true nature. When you are being what you are, your emotional state is one of ease, harmony, and flow. Every moment is fresh and alive, and you see everything—including your life situation and any challenges you may face—with new eyes, without any “story” whatsoever. Then you are guided in your actions by wisdom, love, and a compassionate sense of oneness with all life. You have a new, inspiring “story” to share with others. Come join us for meditation, dialogue, and inquiry into the deeper “stories” you don’t yet see yourself, and which keep you from being free, here and now! “Working with Jim is wonderful! His teaching is simple, direct, and unusually effective, but his transmission of True Nature is where the magic happens. As a result, a soft knowing is emerging within, and I find myself living more and more in open-hearted presence.” Jane Cohen, Boulder, CO “The Sufis say that the mark of a teacher is can he or she deliver the goods? Jim delivers. He cuts through the ‘stories’ to get to the crux of now. As a result, I am much freer, more present, and more productive and successful than when I started working with him.” Fred Spanjaard, Global Media Productions, Maui, HI
Jim Dreaver
Health & Wellness
Recorded: May 14, 2013 at 10:30 pm EDT
“My stories were thick and fast, my ‘I’–dentity, or ego, had complete control. I was a puppet at the mercy of my past thoughts and future wishes. Then I met Jim, and everything began to shift. His nonjudgmental way of working allowed me to see that I was not any story, but rather this clear, loving, aware person who is here, now.” Stuart Crick, Sydney, Australia To know that you exist here, now, as this beautiful, aware person you are is truly a miracle. The realization of this—that it’s the only thing you can know for certain—is true freedom. However, wisdom teaches that it is the attachment to our personal “story”—especially the story of “I” and “me”—that gets in the way of this realization, and creates all the emotional reactions in our body, as well as the suffering and drama we experience in our lives. But the more we see that our thoughts and emotions come and go, just like cars passing us by on the street, yet we, as these aware people, are always here, watching them, the freer we are. Our hearts open, and we feel more love and compassion for everyone. Jim invites us into the simple practice of taking a deep, slow breath, relaxing into presence, and looking within at the connection between our “stories” and our emotions. If we do this every time we feel a contraction in our energy, our emotional body, our minds become much quieter, clearer. We’re present, at peace, in harmony with the flow of life. We see everything with new eyes and are guided from within to address the challenges facing us, whether in our health, relationships, work, finances, or some other endeavor. We literally create a new, much more satisfying “story,” a new reality for our life—truly miraculous! Come join us for these three sessions, beginning Tuesday, April 16 at 6 pm PDT... soak up the energy of being and celebrate our freedom together!
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