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I am a nurse and a hypnotherapist. I have always been naturally attracted to the healing arts. My journey has taken me in various and interesting directions which include a kundalini awakening experience and the opening of gifts of Spirit. I have studied with various spiritual teachers and have gained a deep understanding of the human chakra system and energy body. My approach to helping others comes from my background of interwoven skills from these various modalities as well as my background as a nurse and hypnotherapist. I deeply enjoy assisting my clients in finding their own light and divinity. ...See All

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1.5 Hour Hypnotic Programming Session   ($100) [+] Show More Info

This is a private one-on-one session where we will choose a topic of focus around what you would like to experience in the session. We will use a powerful process to discover your hidden beliefs and emotions which drive the way this problem shows up in your life. I will then lead you into hypnosis and set a course to rework and reframe these beliefs into new and positive affirmations that create a new operating system of beliefs within your subconscious mind. There will be a recording provided for you to use as homework to reinforce the work we do together.

1.5 Hour Hypnotic Parts Exploration   ($125) [+] Show More Info

This is a private one-on-one session that builds on Hypnotic Programming Work. We will focus on parts of the psyche that are in conflict with one another and create barriers to change. For example, you may really want to make a change in your life, but there is a 'part' of you that always finds a way to self-sabotage. This hypnotic session leads us to this part of you, where we will dialogue directly and work to reframe the behaviors driven by this part. Once transformed, we do not revisit these parts, therefore there will not be a recording for this session.

2.0 Hour Hypnotic Regression   ($150) [+] Show More Info

This is a private one-on-one session where we will work with the deeper layers of the past, using a powerful hypnotic process to uncover the cause of a present day challenging belief or behavior. We will work to process the original event, working through emotions, beliefs, and forgiveness, and prime the mind to let go and move forward in a positive direction. This is done in a very safe space, where I will set a grid of Divine Protection and Light. This session follows Hypnotic Programming and, if applicable, Parts Work.

2 Hour Hypnotic Past Life Regression   ($200) [+] Show More Info

This is a private one-on-one session where we will seek to find the cause of a present day problem within a past life experience. We will go through a thorough process of hypnotic induction into the deeper levels of hypnosis, and with the powerful subconscious mind, access the gateway to past lives. We will work to process, forgive, and release the emotions and beliefs surrounding past life experiences that are causing stubborn and persistent present life problems. Once the cause is released, present day problems evaporate, and a fresh new perspective on life is achieved.

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Join me for another journey into hypnosis, a state of expanded awareness, where access to the subconscious mind is gained, troubling patterns and emotions are released, and real and lasting change is achieved. You will experience the trance state of hypnosis and work with a difficult emotion related to an event that you've been unable to release and which is still affecting you today. I will lead you through a simple but powerful method to process and release your emotion(s) and leave you feeling lighter, happier, more peaceful and free! Don't miss this chance to truly let go of that baggage. Look within for lasting change! ***All posted times are Eastern Standard*** The fee for this session is 15 USD payable on the Learn it Live Platform. Follow this link to enroll:
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Success Mindset: Why is it that some people seem to move through life so easily, achieving success in relationships, business, spiritual practices, and the like. While others seem to struggle with meaningful connections with others, lack of confidence, and limitations in their career and relationships. So much of what limits us is found inside our own minds. Perceptions, beliefs, habits, and conditioning are all part of our mindset and a result of early experiences in life that colored our lenses with our own unique perceptions and viewpoints in life. Our lenses can be altered through hypnosis. Reaching into the subconscious mind, which stores memories, emotions, patterns, and unconsciously driven behaviors, we have the ability to discover what drives us, dismantle it, and put a new program in place, with fresh positive beliefs and perspectives that reflect who we truly are and all of our potential. In a very safe and nonjudgmental setting, we will each look within to discover what success means to each of us, and we will define our goals for how we'd like to grow in our lives. Then through the powerful process of hypnosis, we will clear away limiting beliefs and blockages that stand in the way of success in our lives. We will then work to reprogram our mindset for confidence, positivity, and success in any/all areas of our lives. You will leave with renewed optimism, confidence, ease, and freedom to move forward in your lives. To Your Success!
As we walk the path of spirituality, we begin to know ourselves on a deeper level, and there comes a time when we have a choice to connect, receive, and integrate with our Higher Nature. This is a part of us that is beyond our human experience, our personality, and our ego selves. It is a vast awareness, intelligent and conscious. It has a much broader, wiser, and timeless perspective. It is you, and yet so much more than you might imagine. It is your Divinity, and it is calling for you. When you answer that call, your Higher Nature or as some call it, Higher Self, brings you valuable guidance, learning and growth. It leads you on the journey within, discovering your identity as a being of light, a ray of the Divine. Your Higher Self is your unconditional best friend, and is always awaiting the chance for union with you. This session leads you within via the powerful process of hypnosis, accessing the deeper parts of your mind, where the connection to Spirit awaits. Embedded suggestions condition your mind to return again and again to the truth of your nature. Using this process as a practice will deepen your path and connection to this inner reality. Give yourself this experience for the upcoming Valentine's Day, answer the call of your Soul and fall in love with yourself! When you are aligned with your Higher Awareness, your life will never be the same!
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