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Odenton, MD, USA

Author of Skewed Psyche and practitioner or Energy Balancing in the greater Baltimore area, I have lived through and healed from many traumas starting in early childhood into my recent adulthood. I've gone from being hospitalized for both physical and mental health issues and being on many medications to finding my own truth, taking charge of my healing and letting go of a need for any person or pill to be necessary for my health and well being on an emotional level. I want very much to be able to share my experiences openly and help others learn to redirect ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

*Author of Skewed Psyche
*Practioner of Energy Balancing with a certification in Reiki and studies in accupressure, Reconnective and Intuitive Healing
*Healed from Addiction, suicidal urges, anorexia-binge/purge type, and self-destructive mindsets

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Sun Jun 19 2016 at 11:43 pm EST
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Friday Feb 5, 2016
Expert Services Offered
Vent Sessions   ($60)

Wonderfully cathartic! In a vent session the point is to have a safe place to complain, whine & get upset about challenging issues for the express purpose of transforming them. Be petty. Stomp your feet like a child! It's in this honesty we expose core beliefs and fears. Come prepared to see things differently, to be open about finding your unconscious traps. Come not as a victim, but as a spiritual soldier ready to heal. Together we will confront and transmute challenges to help you tap into your true unlimited power.

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