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Wed Nov 3 at 07:30 pm EDT
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Physical location: Atlanta
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Sustainability is a term that means many things to many people. Ultimately, we are all being called to find way to lessen our impact on our planet and provide healthier lives for everyone we influence - our families, clients, vendors, and a global community at large. Today, we are all charged with finding a way to create greater good through all of our endeavors, business and personal. This talk will focus on ways in which the world is stepping up to global sustainability through home, business, and government. The ultimate goals is to enlighten and inspire the audience on the ...See All
Lewis Perkins - Sustainability Strategist at New House LLC
Wed, 03 November 2010 18:00 - 19:30
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    Wed Nov 3 at 07:30 pm EDT
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Be The Change 2010! How Current US Trends are Shaping Our Views of Sustainability
90 Minute Session
Wed Nov 3 at 06:00 pm EDT
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