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Money making you feel guilty? Lack of money making you feel conflicted? Guilt over the past? Left the Church and feel guilty? Abused by people associated with the Church, verbally or physically? In the Church and have doubts? Find out how to heal from this with EFT. EFT is Emotional Freedom Techniques, a gentle tool with immediate results. It breaks the emotional loop that is stuck, repeating itself inside us, making us feel crazy. This is easy to stop. Find out how at this free talk. Experience a sample of EFT. My name is Daniel Sonntag and I am an expert in Catholic Guilt. I had a lot of it, and released enough of it so I don't have to suffer from the burden of the Guilt. If I were created perfectly, why did I feel so bad? Now I don't have to ask that question anymore!
Daniel Sonntag
Spirituality > Energy Work
Recorded: Jul 23, 2016 at 11:00 am EDT
Many of us are developing the upper, spiritual, intuitive, and creative centers. We have all these incredible ideas and insights! But we can't make any money doing it. We're afraid to get ourselves out there! Energize the root chakra! Use what you HAVE developed. Quick and easy. Includes a channeled root chakra energizing and balancing journey by David (Daniel's guides). Be prepared to have a quiet, focused experience with no distractions. Will follow the discussion. We all know the root chakra has to do with being grounded, but we are also experiencing 'new' energy shifts occurring within ourselves. Many of us 'spiritual' types and those of us who 'over-think' may not have a fully developed root chakra. An under-developed root chakra creates survival issues or issues around trust, safety, sex, family. Channeled by Daniel Sonntag, his guides will channel a technique to energize your root chakra in a completely new way, one that will integrate your upper centers and ground them in a clear and real way. This is unlike any chakra journey you've ever experienced and will transform your energy systems to adjust to the new energies coming through. Update and upgrade your energy systems.
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