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Tips & Tricks for Bootstrapping your Startup to Success

Bootstrapping your startup: how to make it work if you don't get - or don't
want - VC funding. You don't need VC and you don't need to borrow money,
and you also don't need that sweet MacBook Pro 15 or a color laser printer.
Learn tips & tricks for bootstrapping you business to success.

Speaker: Kevin Sandlin
Kevin is a serial entrepreneur and ATDC mentor. He has 19 years in hi-tech leadership in product development, operations, sales...
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The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) is a startup accelerator that helps technology entrepreneurs in Georgia launch and build successful companies. Headquartered in Atlanta’s Technology Square, ATDC serves as the hub for technology entrepreneurship in Georgia. ATDC was named one of the “10 technology incubators that are changing the world” by Forbes Magazine in 2010.
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