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Living in the moment is a conscious lifestyle, that brings tremendous benefits to our life. Each week I will share useful tips and updates on the current energies we are encountering, and how we can remain in the here and now. The ability to tap into the higher consciousness whilst navigating the reality of the planet. I will be joined by special guests who will share their own life stories and relationship with the Universe. You will be amazed at what some of my guests have encountered, and how they are contributing to the shift in consciousness. It simply requires a little bit of magic and belief in our own capabilities. There are many topics for discussion, and it is best just to see what flows through each class/session.
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Steven North has been researching into the impact that the Human Mind has had on incarnates for a number of years now and has had many different experiences when it comes to reprogramming the mind. The human mind is like a limitation and tells us that we are unable to do things, that we aren't good enough and through the research into brain wave entrainment. Steven discovered that the use of crystal consciousness and energies, combined with binary frequencies provide an extraordinary tool to help reprogram the mind, to disconnect from the limiting human mind. This research has led to this amazing cocreation with M���¯�¿�½���©line Lafont from Awaken Spirit from Within whom has channelled the Elohim of Light whom have provided attunements to assist with decoding of the human mind and moving into the heart space (or celestial mind). The Heart Activation Music utilises light frequencies along with the consciousness of crystals to embrace the loving connection with the heart space and much more. Through this cocreation between Meline & Steven North, you are able to transform your own mindset to live a fulfilled life, embrace unconditional love for self & others, engage in your life path and much more. This is truly a blessing for all. It is highly recommended to ensure that you've had 6 sessions so that the new consciousness has been anchored into your fields and systems. Steven will open the sessions with the discussion on the human mind, his journey and provide techniques on how to change the mind. Including, new ways of working with your spirit guide and then we begin listening to the powerful recording & meditation by M���¯�¿�½���©line & Steven. Please allow a minimum of 2 hours per session and note that group numbers are limited
This 30 minute seminar is to talk about the upcoming series of the DEcoding & DEactivation of the Human Mind with Méline Lafont & The Elohim of Light and the cocreation with Steven & Amy North and their Heart Activation Music. Steven & Amy will discuss what it is about, the concept behind it and why it is important to be present during these workshops.
Follows on from "Living in a Conscious Universe" See video below for more info
Agenda: How a holographic universe works Dream Symbolism - places, subject matter, objects and people Waking Dreams - Heaven on earth Spiritual Law Why it Works How it Works When it Works - All new examples of synchronistic occurrences Better understand the benefits of connecting with source All new stories, examples, and reasons