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Do you sometimes feel like the black sheep of your family or society? Do you think you might be highly sensitive? Do you suffer from your high sensitivity? Do you need any support or protection on the energetic level? Join me and learn more about it!
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With this new year of 2020 celebrate the return of magic by awakening that magical spark within you! Discover your magical connection to the past and your spirit guides here to assist you to bring that wisdom back onto the planet. Learn simple ways to increase your awareness of the earth magic in nature and how you can bring this loving energy into your daily life. Magic, miracles and wonder is here now so put on that wizard hat and open yourself to the magic within your heart! This class will be live for your questions and recorded too.
As Valentine's Day approaches and stores fill with hearts, chocolates and heart-shaped candies and everyone around you seems to be planning celebrations of love, do you welcome its arrival? Holidays, especially one whose central theme is LOVE, can intensify feelings of being isolated and alone. If this is your experience, we're here to help and support you. Join Jo Ann Wenner and Ingrid Auer for the introductory class to their monthly series: Emotional & Spiritual Tools to Create a More Joy-Filled Life. This Valentine's Day they will share their bite-size teachings, tools, gifts, and wisdom to bring greater Love and Compassion into your Valentine's Day (and every day). You'll leave their class with a smile and a feeling of being Deeply Loved.
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Come learn about this mysterious cat of myth and snow - the snow leopard. Celebrated protector of the Himalayan mountains discover how this beautiful large cat can uncover the hidden power within your soul while destroying those inner demons of fear and doubt. Leap into ease and grace with a guided meditation to meet your snow leopard guide and create a new relation with your own feline ability to walk with balance. This class is live for your questions and recorded to watch anytime, enjoy.
The class will mainly be based on your questions about how to speed up your healing processes so bring questions. We will speak as a group with the higher selves and Erik and maybe some Archangels will drop by or even some Arc Demons, either way it will be a blast to join in the fun
We will take a look at Sky Events and Cosmic Energies of December 2019 leading up to and beyond the Winter Solstice. This information will include a Crystal Grid and Meditation to assist you in setting your intentions for 2020 and the new decade we are about to begin. There will be time for interactive Q & A. See you there!! :)
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Come celebrate the darkest day of the year with a Winter Solstice ceremony to invite the Dream Guides, Dragons and Spiritual Beings of Light into your life. This FREE gathering is here to help you connect with your unseen family of spirit guides as the veils between the worlds opens for new magic. Just bring yourself, an open heart and celebrate a new partnership with Spirit this Winter Solstice as we dream the new world of 2020 and the return of magic on Mother Earth. This event will be recorded so that you can connect anywhere and anytime!
Who is Merlin? King of the Bards, powerful wizard or mentor to a king? Merlin is a mysterious character in the Arthurian legend of Camelot and the round table. His guidance helped Arthur become a great king while protecting the magical lands of the Dragons. With the return of magic next year the energy of wizards raises again and this mentor and protector steps forward to help guide you now. Class includes a guided meditation to meet Merlin, channeled messages and recorded to view anytime. Come learn more about this magical spirit guide and how you can unlock the magic within yourself.
The 1111 Stargate Portal flows Cosmic Energies for us to level up. In this presentation I will create a Crystal Grid for us to Meditate on and listen to what Energies come thru for us to grow with on our personal journey in life. Recommend you watch the previous presentation for the '111' Gateway !!
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This class will allow you to start to find the pathways into your own soul contract from the very basic levels so you can take control of it, by understanding your self better. It can be difficult to lead a happy life when you feel that you don't know your direction or why you feel the way you do. I aim to help you remove the blocks that prevent you from becoming ascended into being a 100% human so you can live the life as free as it was intended to be lived through a series of activities, and visualisations.
Holidays bring your family and friends together to celebrate the end of the year with food and good cheer, but it can also drain your energy and pile on extra stress! Learn how you can create healthy boundaries of energy to keep yourself and your home clear this season with simple decorations and easy mantras you can even teach your kids. Navigate this holiday season with ease and grace without having to be like the Grinch.
Werewolves, vampires, trolls? These spirit guides get a bad reputation but they have amazing wisdom to teach you about your shadow side. Come find out what goes bump in the night and discover your shadow spirit guide in this Voices from Spirit series class.
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