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Step-by-step guidance for manifesting with the summer solstice. You'll learn: How to make a focused vision page. How to make a crystal grid to super charge your desires + the specific crystals you should use. The specific angels you need to work with. Additional ways to use crystals for your specific desire. Plus, you'll get follow up tools to keep you on track & focused on your desired outcome.
Do you want to take advantage of the prosperous flow of 2019? This IS the perfect timing for manifesting money, dreams and desires. I walk you through the steps to harness this lunar eclipse. You'll do a powerful meditation, identify hidden blockages and extreme elimination. You'll finish with creating a specific, focused grid.
Join Julie as she leads you through a relaxing meditation and into a beautiful hypnotic experience designed to release the chains that are holding you back from living the life you desire and deserve. This class is for those who are... * feeling stuck in your life * feeling trapped * unable to make a decision or take action * depressed filled with regrets * anxious about the future
A time flux is a significant change in one's life pathway that is orchestrated by the soul. A time flux is enjoyable and most effective when one prepares for it. One cannot force it since the soul sets the timing. As a conscious person, we can request a time flux and prepare for one and the soul will determine timing from there. Your pathway will change, relationships will change, and experiences change. This class will teach about a time flux (as I have experienced it), preparation, and what to do after it has occurred. This will also include a group session with your Spirit Guides. They will offer you information specific to a time flux prior to the class. After the Group Session, we will go right into the class. The fee is for both the Guide session and the class. The Guide Session and Class are in one setting and time frame.
Learning to bond with yourself is a very important element in the healing process. With self-bonding, it's much easier to trust, love, and to bond with others. In this class, I'll guide you to identify the age of significance with which to bond and then the process to create the manifestation of bonding with your younger self. I'll also briefly describe what bonding feels like.
In holistic and healing communities, all too often there is a story that we "don't have the money". While concretely and objectively *true* the universe (yoni verse!) is an energetic being that responds to OUR energy ! Learn how to heal your self-worth and money blockages, how to get out of your head and into your body, and how to use all of that with sacred feminine energy and *pleasure* . Uplevel your spiritual and financial health first through healing and releasing blockages and then through intuitive aligning to higher levels of wealth.
What would it be like to 'travel' back to a time in your childhood or even forward to your future? I've been taught and I've experienced that time is an illusion. Our past, present and future are all happening now! Even our past lives and future lives are all happening now. What if you could travel to your future and see the outcome of a series of choices? If you like it, keep making those choices. If you don't, start making different choices so you experience a different future. I will briefly discuss the concept of time as I've learned it and successful steps to 'travel' to certain points in time to learn and make changes. This is a two-hour workshop that has been previously taught in-person.
I will repeat this class for any new learners and learners who missed the December 20th class. I will instruct on why winter is so important to our healing process and steps a person can take to work most effectively with the winter season. This is to prepare for spring, a time of re-birth and a manifestation of the deep healing work of winter.