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This class is about the dharma of sound healing with Tibetan sacred sound instruments. It is based on the structure and principals of sound and the honoring of the culture the modality comes from and addresses healing as predicated on spiritual awakening.
The steel tongue drum is the hottest new instrument in sound healing! Easy to play (you seriously can't get it wrong!), this amazing instrument is great as a standalone or to incorporate into your sound baths. It works well with singing bowls or as a relaxing addition to a yoga class. As a personal meditation/relaxation tool, it is very soothing and magical. In this introductory class, you will learn about how to use a basic tongue drum for your own healing as well as for clients or groups. We will also cover where to get an affordable tongue drum.
Sound Healing is not only about Tibetan bowls, gantas and tingshas. It is also the ability to recognize patterns that clients show through their choice of words that keep them in a stuck place. You will learn specific techniques that empower clients to express themselves effectively and authentically and add great value to your sound healing treatments.
This class will take you through the anatomy of an effective sound healing mediation for a small group. You will learn what instruments you need, how to play them during the start, middle and end of a meditation session and why. If you have questions you would like me to address feel free to send them in prior to the class and there will be time for questions during the presentation.
Sacred Geometry in Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls. In this introductory class, sound pioneer Richard Rudis is my co-presenter that introduces you to the foundational physics of Sacred Geometry as it applies to healing with the sacred sound instruments. This is part one of a series of advanced classes on the subject for sound healers.
There is plenty you can do with just a few bowls. This class will teach you several simple protocols for using one-three bowls for Deeper Meditation, Grounding, Energizing and Soothing. Bring your bowls to the class so you can try things as they are demonstrated. This is an introductory level class for those on a sound healing journey.
You and your pets can experience the wonder of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Enjoy this opportunity to learn, grow, heal and develop a closer connection with your beloved pet through sound. Diane has done concerts for dogs and appeared on CBS the Larry Himmel show ( Each participant will receive an ebook on working with animals.
In this class you will learn: The basic philosophy and symbolism of the Tingshas &Tibetan bowls so that you will have the working knowledge you'll need, How to use them effectively in each room, Tools of the trade, The Anatomy of a Space Clearing Session, Detailed description of each segment, Pre and Post Clearing Instructions and Recommendations, Practical Questions and Procedures that help develop skill and mastery, Answers to frequently asked questions Where and how to purchase the highest quality tools and instruments for space clearing. Each student will receive a 28 page Instructional Manual on Space Clearing to use as review material and a guide in their sessions
Before you buy- Educate Yourself. There is so much to learn. What bowls are really antique vs new bowls made to look old? What to listen for in a bowl, the best usage for different types of bowls, authentication and more. There are so many people selling bowls today. This class helps you to distinguish between quality and 'tourist' bowls. If you already have a bowl, you will learn more about its type, history and the Tibetan principals that helped to shape it. You will also be introduced to the family of sacred sound instrument that are used for healing. Tibetan bowls are powerful instruments. This is a great class to take if you are interested in acquiring and/or using Tibetan singing bowls for meditation and healing. We will follow with a series of classes which introduce you to some fundamental principals of sound healing with these instruments. Many people have only one or two bowls and the classes will cover usage that will not be harmful. Future classes will show you more advanced protocols for working with the instruments and how to use these instruments for Space Clearing.