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Yoga may not be what you think it is. As a result, you may not truly be reaping the benefits from your practice. Yoga goes way beyond fitness. This class shows you how to use yoga to free yourself physically, mentally and emotionally from all that may be holding your back in your life. It does not matter if you are inflexible, out of shape or have never done yoga. What matters is how fully engaged you are in each experience. You will learn to dismantle reactions and self-criticisms on a yoga mat and be able to use that to interact with your life off the mat in a new way. You will cultivate more confidence and an improved connection to good health, personal talents and purpose.
10X YOUR MANIFESTATION by harnessing the power of mantra, vibration and simple tools to amplify and accelerate what your heart desires! Come and MANIFEST with Ahana Lara and Sharon carne in this webinar and explore what is possible for you! It is time for each of us to step into our soul work in ways that will move not only yourself, but all of humanity forward. Together, we explore: the Manifestaion process; how to welcome more Synchronicity; the power of Mantra; a Gratitide practice honed for success.
Michelle Adams
Health & Wellness > Energy Healing
Recorded: Mar 18, 2020 at 02:50 pm MDT
I am here to help people grow, to regain their power, take back what belongs to them, and show them there is love that has been supporting them. I am here to teach others how your angels are real, and that God has never left your side. That your wishes, your prayers, and your thoughts have been heard, but if you are not listening or hearing them you may be too blocked, or maybe you have too much going on around you. I will teach you how to learn to connect, slow down, release, and receive.
This class will take a fascinating look at how to activate the dormant healing powers in your own body. It will address the science of energy medicine and what you can do today to improve your health and well-being. We will explore all concepts of energy: light, sound, electromagnetism, body, mind and spirit. We will cover several specific methods that will assuredly be eye-opening for you!
How many times have you tried and failed to launch a permanent self-care program? The fault is not in you or in your stars. All you need is the RIGHT tools and the RIGHT incentives. You are guaranteed success! This class will introduce you to the 5 must-have components of your successful self-care program, and help you in putting your personalized plan together - something flexible enough to get you through "bad days" and powerful enough to generate serious change in your health and wellbeing. You CAN transform your life, no matter how many barriers you see on the road to self-care. You owe it your yourself - and your family and your business/career - to invest an hour in learning these 5 components, so transformative, they feel truly magical!
Our first and most important job is to love ourselves. Crystals can help! Learn how to work and heal with six important crystals that foster self-love, from self-confidence to self-acceptance. With crystal expert Kim Villines of Earthlight Rocks & Gems.
Are you experiencing events and people who resonate with you? Do you feel alive and stimulated in your personal and professional endeavors? Is there an inner desire trying to express itself through you? In this introduction to energy & vibrations, this class is design to bring an easy and basic understanding of energy and the Universal Principle of The Law of Vibrations. During this session we will explore this forgotten knowledge and wisdom from ancient civilizations which are an integral part of our natural experience. We will explore simple ways to understand energy as it relates to our being and everything we interact with on a daily basis. An awareness of how we are vibrating will assist us in learning the why of our conscious and unconscious manifestations. This session will leave you with expanded awareness of energy and vibrations and how to use this awareness to align with the truth of your being and what you want to experience.
Ah, love. The beautiful expectations. The amazing intensity of feelings. The heightened perception of knowing the other person is around in your energy field and in your thoughts. Yet love can also be compassionate, a mutual respect for each other, sharing mutual goals. Or maybe the comfort of getting together with people you know and feel safe with. Join Maggie and her team of master teachers as they share wisdom on the many levels and ways we build partnerships. Learn how to identify partnerships along with the sacred contracts and lessons they bring. Knowledge brings power, self-power. Step into a higher partnership with your own team of master teachers and stay in conscious understanding of where each partnership is within the natural life cycle of human experience.
Take your healing to the NEXT level! Holy Fire ll Reiki is a more refined and higher frequency energy that amplifies your Usui Reiki or any other healing modality that you currently employ. As well, the Holy Fire ll Reiki energy causes a "burning away" of that which no longer serves you. Be prepared for relationships to evolve, circumstances to clear and for your creativity and abundance to open up new pathways for expression. Joining this class LIVE and in person allows you to ask questions and to receive the Reiki meditations and Placements in a way that was impossible with Usui Reiki alone. You will feel inspired and energized, awakened and restored. Allow for an integration process to occur after this class. Perhaps avoid alcohol and chaotic energy for a little while to fully appreciate and absorb the glow of this heightened field of awareness.
Have you been trying to stop your self-sabotage and generate more confidence for your life, your business or your family? Not working, huh? STOP beating yourself up! You are using the wrong tools, that's all. In this workshop, you will connect with your inner goddess energy (not associated with any religion or faith!), and watch the real barriers to your successful completion of your goals start to crumble before your eyes. Take effective action against the barriers that are holding you back. Enrollment is limited for the highest-quality experience.
Love is one of the best known emotions we have. It is also one of the best feeling emotions. It brings to mind the feeling of safety, security, happiness, acceptance, caring and compassion. But we all filter the love we perceive through filters we have developed over the years. Come and listen to the wisdom of the Akashic Masters as they share information about love. Join in and experience a guided vibrational healing designed to help you feel the presence of love and know when there are barriers between you and the pureness of love. Learn how to talk to the perceived feelings and get in touch and in tune with the heart of your soul vibration.
Kelly Sanders
Health & Wellness > Energy Healing
Recorded: Sep 02, 2017 at 03:00 am MDT
Do YOU want to learn how to heal YOURSELF? Do YOU want to be FREE of aches and pains? Do YOU want to live toxic free? In this class you will get introduced to plant based medicine-Essential oils! Discover how nature can help heal and support your body. These therapeutic grade essential oils assist support emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues. Learn how to shed any baggage that may be weighing you down. Enjoy the sensation of feeling connected, loved and supported. In this class we will cover.... - The history of Essential Oils and how they have healed for the past 3000 years - The safety guidelines of using essential oils - The power of essential oils when sourced correctly - The different grades of essential Oil - The benefits of essential oils and how you can use them - Other tips and trips for using essential oils Join us to discover the power of good health and happiness!
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