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Thu Apr 14 at 09:00 pm EDT
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- Learn how to identify with your eternal self rather than your egoic identity
- Discover the power of Divine perspective and how it can transform your life
- Increase your life's joy by applying one simple technique, and so much more!

What would you do if you realized that you have been charged to care for God's essence this very lifetime? Would you do anything differently? What if you knew that God was coming over to your home for dinner? Would you change your flatware? Your appearance? The foods you eat? Do you have ...See All
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    Thu Apr 14 at 09:00 pm EDT
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GOD is in YOUR care: Breakthrough Fear and Unhappiness 101
30 Minute Session
Thu Apr 14 at 08:30 pm EDT
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I am a spiritual life coach, medium, healer and founder of At The Heart of It All ~Life coaching. I created this organization to support, guide and help truth seekers who are ready to feel unstuck, stagnant, frustrated and purposeless lives remember their divine connection, and receive direction so that they may align with their purpose, and create deeply happy, meaningful, consciously aware lives. My job is my greatest joy, for it is my heart's content to see others succeed, grow and break through their limits. I am a firm believer in unity consciousness and speak directly to all of us being naturally divine, based on a multidimensional perspective of who we are. Being a lightworker, I am familiar with the egoic difficulties entailed in the process of becoming more conscious and creating a truly magnificent, aligned life. With over 20 years of study, mentorship and natural passion, I have sought mastery over the current reality to exercise the joy of life through direct spiritual guidance. Bestowed with practical tools, I work from a heart-centered place of expansion and love, connecting with your guides as well as my Higher Self to provide judgement free, compassionate yet direct guidance.
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