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Tue Mar 12 at 01:45 pm EST
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Let's do yoga for your belly!

An hour to stretch, move things along, massage, and relax the abdominal area.
You will learn:
- Effective ways to stimulate circulation to the digestive system
- Great stretches for a bloated or irregular stomach
- Soothing breath for ibs
- Agni (digestive fire) awakening trick

As a bonus you will get 7 recipe for wonderful ayurvedic tea to fight off digestive ailments.

It will be an hour of fun, playing around, sharing your stories, and me answering your ...See All
Additional Information
Yoga is a multi-functional tool. It helps to resolve many issues that get in the way of connecting to your true self. Times change, people change, but yoga is still relevant in what it can do for each one of us.

If you are feeling heavy and bloated, you are among the 100 million Americans who may not have regular daily bowel movements. The good thing is that yoga can help deal with this issue without relying on pills.

When one’s body feels clean and empty, yoga practice becomes a lot easier, and ...See All
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    Tue Mar 12 at 01:45 pm EST
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Yoga For a Happy Belly
75 Minute Session
Tue Mar 12 at 12:30 pm EST
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Nadya Andreeva is a wellness coach and yoga instructor helping modern city girls create a balanced and manageable approach to staying healthy and energized in stressful environments. Using the ancient wisdom of ayurvda, yoga, and mindfulness Nadya helps her clients learn how to listen to their bodies and to understand its language. Finding Your Own Wellness Guru who can guide you through diet and exercise challenges is the most sustainable approach to life-long wellness, in Nadya's opinion. She holds an MA in Organizational Psychology from New York University and a Wellness Coaching certification from Wellcoaches.