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Sat Nov 14 at 03:00 pm EST
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Learn about frequency, associated chakras, and how to raise your vibration.
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    Sat Nov 14 at 03:00 pm EST
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Frequency Management
60 Minute Session
Sat Nov 14 at 02:00 pm EST
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All my life I have sought God with eternal passion. I studied under advanced teachers, studied religions of the world, and dabbled in them all to answer the questions: Where do I belong? Why am I here? As a spiritual coach and teacher, I have been in your shoes many times for my education started at age 4. As a child I knew there was something different about me, I was divinely gifted in many ways and it was clear God charged me to do his work. It took 20 years to learn how to stand in my own domain and authority in the far-reaching depths of fear and fully, wholeheartedly and without an ounce of fear trust God. In my lessons of duality from a young age I experienced the most glorious angelic moments to the most terrifying fear-based entities. When I say trust God, I mean knowing in my conscious and subconscious mind God has my back and there is nothing but love. Oneness and God go hand in hand, and in this realization, you will view the truth in your story and look in the mirror knowing exactly who you are. You would think being authentic would be an easy thing to do…just be yourself, right? What if you don’t know who you are? What do you stand for? What do you really believe about yourself? What if fear is causing cycles of energy blockers preventing you from growing spiritually? Working with me you will learn to control ego, see yourself through a lens of love, connect with God and learn to nurture that special relationship, and in the process discover your authentic self. You see, when you are in alignment with God everything else will naturally fall into place. ​