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Thu Jun 28 at 04:15 pm EST
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The Body

This course focuses on the view of the body as a composite structure which comes together as a personality which forms the basis of the individual. As part of the process of understanding the body, we will also, therefore be examining the �psyche� as it is interpreted within Taoism. In addition, we will be examining the different energetic �layers� of the human being. Throughout, there will be the underlying thread of the embodied nature of existence as a unifying principle.

Specifically, we will talk about:

The Three Dantian ...See All
Basics of Taoism 1
Basics of Taoism 2
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    Thu Jun 28 at 04:15 pm EST
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Basics of Taoism 3
75 Minute Session
Thu Jun 28 at 03:00 pm EST
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Hello all, First, let me thank you for stopping by my page. I know there is a lot out there, so I'm honored that you've chosen to take a look. I have been a student, teacher, and/or practitioner of applied Eastern philosophies almost 20 years. My background is in Chinese medicine, where I have practiced, taught, and written extensively on the subject. I also have a strong working knowledge of qi gong and meditation from a Taoist perspective, which informs my everyday view of the world at large. I love sharing my knowledge with those willing to listen and have come to recognize teaching as one of my passions. When I combine this with helping others to heal (another of my passions), it allows both student and teacher to learn in concert with one another, I still consider myself a student (albeit one with a certain level of expertise), which leads me to keep a natural curiosity about the world around me and others within it. This is something that I hope that I never lose and which I enjoy bringing out in others. The main goal of my work is to help a student gain a sense of embodiment within both themselves and the world, as it is truly only from this place which we begin to change the world. I hope you will join me in this process