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Sun Mar 11 at 12:30 pm EDT
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Success Mindset: Why is it that some people seem to move through life so easily, achieving success in relationships, business, spiritual practices, and the like. While others seem to struggle with meaningful connections with others, lack of confidence, and limitations in their career and relationships.
So much of what limits us is found inside our own minds. Perceptions, beliefs, habits, and conditioning are all part of our mindset and a result of early experiences in life that colored our lenses with our own unique perceptions and viewpoints in life. Our lenses can be altered through hypnosis. Reaching into the ...See All
Please participate in the free 'Intro to Hypnosis' pre-recorded session in my LIL library to learn about hypnosis and experience a brief session to ready yourself for further work within hypnotherapy. Every time you experience hypnosis in a guided session, your mind becomes more conditioned and responsive, making your next experience even more effective.
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DISCLAIMER: Due to this being a group session, I will be unable to interrupt the hypnotic process for individual attention. Your mic and webcam will be muted. If at any time you become uncomfortable and wish to stop the session, please know that you are able to do that. You can simply open your eyes and come back to normal waking consciousness, halting participation in the hypnotic process.

T.Faith Cambria CCHT is not a physician nor a licensed mental health provider, and as such, does not provide care or therapy to those with diagnosed medical or ...See All
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    Sun Mar 11 at 12:30 pm EDT
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Life Solutions Series: Developing a Success Mindset with Hypnosis
90 Minute Session
Sun Mar 11 at 11:00 am EDT
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I am a nurse and a hypnotherapist. I have always been naturally attracted to the healing arts. My journey has taken me in various and interesting directions which include a kundalini awakening experience and the opening of gifts of Spirit. I have studied with various spiritual teachers and have gained a deep understanding of the human chakra system and energy body. My approach to helping others comes from my background of interwoven skills from these various modalities as well as my background as a nurse and hypnotherapist. I deeply enjoy assisting my clients in finding their own light and divinity.