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Sun Nov 19 at 09:00 pm EST
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An E-nergy Basic - something we didn't learn in that "class" but that is vital!
Many have taken classes and studied on shielding of many types - and the amount of work and energy that it takes to "keep your shields up". This primal shielding is something we teach for every class we offer. Why? Because we live on a planet that is an energetic being - occupied by many layers of energetic co-habitants and some of them are not operating at an level that we want to just willy nilly absorb their "stuff".

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    Sun Nov 19 at 09:00 pm EST
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Energy 101 – Primal Shielding How-to
30 Minute Session
Sun Nov 19 at 08:30 pm EST
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I have been working with energy and learning how to protect not only myself but others since I drowned at the age of 5. I have a background in massage therapy sciences with ongoing education and training in a wide area of study. As an empath clairvoyant I've had to develop skills for all areas of living and working in a high touch field - and I share that with others. To teach is to learn - for around many conversations are those "lightbulb" moments of clarity that are profound! As a professional I've been in technology based business as well as in the bodywork field. I worked for over 25 years as a licensed massage practitioner in Washington State with a specialty in painless therapeutic release and cranial intraoral treatments.