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Thu Dec 7 at 07:30 pm EST
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Techniques for Creating a Peaceful Life:
Week 1 Release other people's negativity
Week 2 Learn how to stop bickering
Week 3 Deal with fear
Week 4 Disrupt poverty consciousness
Week 5 Make difficult decisions
Week 6 Recognise higher guidance

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Offered by Heartfelt Donation

Class Schedule
Fridays 10am to 11:30am (Sydney time) from 3rd Nov to 8th Dec at the Abode of Peace Cooranbong and online
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Class Details
  • Recorded :
    Thu Dec 7 at 07:30 pm EST
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    6 Session(s)
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    0 Session(s)
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Class Schedule
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Start Date
Tool Box 3 Nov 2017
90 Minute Session
Thu Nov 2 at 07:00 pm EST
Tool Box 10 Nov 2017
90 Minute Session
Thu Nov 9 at 06:00 pm EST
Tool Box 17 Nov 2017
90 Minute Session
Thu Nov 16 at 06:00 pm EST
Tool Box 24 Nov 2017
90 Minute Session
Thu Nov 23 at 06:00 pm EST
Tool Box 1 Dec 2017
90 Minute Session
Thu Nov 30 at 06:00 pm EST
Tool Box 8 Dec 2017
90 Minute Session
Thu Dec 7 at 06:00 pm EST
About Creator
Shakti Durga is a living Guru whose teachings focus on the development of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health with the aim of creating life transformation. As a Guru, Shakti Durga is a mystical spiritual teacher who teaches liberation and enlightenment from her own direct experience. She is a gifted and engaging teacher with a humble, authentic, candid and often hilarious style. She sparks curiosity, ignites the spirit and inspires you to believe that life transformation is not only possible, but that you have the tools to make it happen. Shakti Durga is the founder of Shanti Mission, a multi-faith �Mission of Peace� based in Australia and now expanding throughout the world. She has created a series of personal development seminars called The Path of Ease and Grace � which teach how to have peace and joy in your relationships; look after your own energy body and multi-dimensional self (body, mind, spirit); let go of traumas and addictions; harness your mind as servant instead of master; become skilled at natural manifesting; and grow more fully into the universal hallmarks of spiritual mastery. There is an old proverb that a day spent with a teacher is worth 300 years on your own. Come experience the wisdom and light of a transformational teacher who can teach not only your mind, but your heart and soul. Shakti Durga is also a beautiful musician and author of several books � including: Ignite Your Spirit, Child of God, Spiritual Mastery and Dimensions of Wealth. The next installment of her compelling series, Empowering Relationships, will be available in late 2012. She regularly hosts retreats in Australia, India, the US and around the world. �One of the Guru�s most important roles is to lift people and open their hearts. One of my greatest aspirations is to help my students grow and outshine me and discover the �Guru� within.� Learn more at