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"Cj is exceptional. He has been a life coach, inspiration, mentor, and role model. By finding balance, health, and purpose in his own life, he's made it easy to find it in mine, because his counsel is personal, tested, enriched with experience, and wrought with integrity. It's so easy to grow, become strong, and maintain equilibrium with Cj as a life coach, because there is no pretense... just experience, right intentions, and grounded and sound advice. I endorse his leadership unequivocally."

J.Nelson, Director Celebrity Entertainment, Red Cross USA.

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Media & Society Bsc (hons)
NLP Practitioner - West One Training
Personal Coaching - The Coaching Academy
Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist - American College Sports Medicine
GP Referral Specialist - The Wright Foundation
Sports Therapy Diploma - International Institute of Sports Therapy
Kettlebell Coach Advanced - IKFF

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This webinar is for athletes, performers, actors, artists, musicians and dancers both professional and amateur. Get In The Zone will give you the tools to get into peak state for performance. This webinar will give you the practical means and understanding to Get Focused Destroy Doubt Feel Empowered Perform In A State of Excellence Eliminate Tension and Anxiety Get relaxed. Give It Your All What This Webinar Will Cover The Success Paradox Pre-competition/ Performance Mental Preparation Competition/ Performance Day Strategies How To Get In The Zone & Stay There Mind Set Management How To Tango With Negative Thinking & Win
Cj Swaby
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Ended: Jan 04, 2014 at 05:30 am EST
If you have ever questioned your self esteem or confidence then in this FREE webinar you will discover exactly "Why Self Esteem Is Overrated." Learn the four "Myths" of Self Esteem, why they may be holding you back and what you can do about. You will learn practical solutions to shift your focus on the right things that will give you a feeling of certainty about your true value and enable you to face life's challenges, and be all that you know you can be.
Who Is This Webinar For? Personal Trainers, Coaches, Fitness Instructors, MMA Coaches, Yoga Instructors and anyone with an interest in running or currently run Kettlebell Classes and Workshops. In This Webinar You Will Learn 1) How to structure classes and KEEP IT REAL! (no Kettlebell-aerobics here!) 2) Why a Spiral Revenue Model For Classes and seminars is most profitable. 3)Getting new people into your class (and keeping them) 4) How to keep it fresh and funky! 5) Marketing your class without being a douche. So I'm putting together a NEW webinar that will attempt to distill my 9 years of experience coaching Kettlebells Nationally and Internationally for you. I will SHOW you simple and easy strategies that you can implement right away. More importantly I will share with you the costly MISTAKES that I have made over the years so that you won't make them too. The best part? It's F-R-E-E!
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