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Beth is an Energy Healer, former RN, Artist, Intuitive, Bodyworker, Psychosynthesist, soul companion, and nature lover, who creates, and assists people with issues ranging from spiritual, relational, to physical. Through one on one sessions and groups, she offers intuitive guidance, energy healing, and support for people to experience their own essence, and find greater peace, clarity and wholeness. She works both in-person, and through phone, Skype and email.

Beth is the author of the PrayerCards oracle deck, creator of Art Rituals, Guided Journeys, and intuitive painting commissions for people all over the globe.

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Certified Psychosynthesis Life Guide/coach
HeartMath® Certified Practitioner
Registered Nurse
Angel Therapy Practitioner
Licensed Massage Therapist
Lifelong Yogini
Qigong Student

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Sat Jul 14 2018 at 03:00 pm EST
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Wed Jan 20 2021 at 10:58 am EST
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Friday Dec 30, 2011
Expert Services Offered
Energy medicine + intuitive reading combo   ($125)

Energy Medicine clears what has become congested, stuck, or 'taken on'. It can assist with what has become repressed, misaligned or forgotten. The result is feeling more like 'you' again, feeling more calm, centered, able, clear and connected. Your session may include chakra clearing, infusion of 'Light information', assistance with physical issues or relationship issue, intuitive guidance, dissolving cords, strengthening spiritual connection, or moving towards a dream you have in your heart.

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About Beth Budesheim
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Beth Budesheim
Ended: Jul 14, 2018 at 03:00 pm EST
Join Beth for this sacred time with your inner temple, true Self, intuition and Source energy nourishment. Group message and energy medicine, plus as many personal intuitive sessions & energy medicine that we have time for. Certain themes may occasionally be explored through teachings and guided journey, such as relationships and energetic principles. Each session may vary a bit depending on the group. *This gathering will NOT be recorded.*
Through exploration, Guided Journey and energy transmission, cultivate your evolution as a clearer bridge of your unique individual divine essence & contribution to the new emerging communal consciousness. How do we hold our unique individual essence in presence with life, within the Oneness? Being the Bridge is beautifully conscious and empowered space that supports your personal path, clarity and well-being. We will also include a group seeding of healing for humanity & the Earth. For today, or when you view the recording, create a sacred space for yourself, a quiet place where you will be undisturbed. Have a journal nearby, perhaps annoint yourself with an essential oil blend, and light a candle. (all optional of course) I recommend using headphones, as it enables one to hear best and journey inward more easily . My connection cut out from minute 22 to 27:30... so just skip forward there! Looking forward and hope to see you there. Thanks <3
Listen to this engaging creative chakra healing meditation which is then followed by some great tips on keeping your energy clear & supported. 22 minutes Curious about the state of your chakras and becoming more intuitive with them? Check out my Chakra Intuitive Intensive Program: big blessings, Beth