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Madelana offers dharma talks from a variety of traditions to infuse wisdom into your day. Expose yourself to all kinds of deep, contemplative thinking and experience a guided relaxation/meditation practice to enhance the learning. Exploring a variety of wisdom traditions can support great spiritual growth and mental/emotional insight as well as clarity through contrast.
Join energy healers Jamie Butler, Janet Raftis, Rod Bravo, and Emily Furst for a powerful group healing with the intention of total acceptance. Embrace what is and let the healing move through you to bring in the energies that serve your highest good. Show up on time for a relaxing energy healing with Jamie, Janet, Rod, Emily, and their spirit teams. Make an internal request for the type of healing you would like to achieve or simply stay open for the experience. Remote energy works through recording as well as the live stream. Energy is unaware that what you are connecting to has happened in the past as time is not a measurement it adheres to. Energy transcends time and space allowing distant healing to be one the easiest and best ways to heal. About our remote healing team: Jamie Butler is a medium, reiki master, and intuition teacher. Her life's goal is to help wake people up to their infinite possibilities for healing, joy, and success by sharing my deep knowledge of subtle light energy through hosting experiences, classes, workshops. She will invite a supportive Reiki spirit team and work on physical, mental, and emotional healing. Janet Raftis is an energy healer and psychic medium who supports empathic and sensitive people in their healing as well as their intuitive and spiritual development. As a Quantum Creatrix, Janet connects into the field of Source energy and opens herself up to being a channel for potent healing frequencies. She activates soul and Source codes within her clients, works with quantum frequencies, ignites the innate healing within them, and facilitates deep and transformative healing on the quantum level. Rod Bravo is a MD-in-training who is his own patient. Throughout his whole life, Rod has experienced severe, rare, and nearly “impossible" health issues. He cured himself by doing past-life regressions and discovering the traumas & emotional roots underlying his illnesses during his other lives. As his channels to his those lives have strengthened, so too has the extreme breadth and depth of what he can bring to others in need of healing - especially for those experiencing rare, chronic, and hard-to-treat illnesses. What he offers is not a final, definite tool; rather, it’s a magical waiting room that brings the specific tools, medicines, and knowledge that a specific person needs. Emily Furst will use quantum, multidimensional healing work. She naturally works with the deeper layers that are connected to other dimensional planes, cleaning up the vibrations that are ready to shift. Because we're working on a foundational level, removing or working with one thing can shift multiple things at the same time. The core of this work is to help others along their path, to gain a deeper embodiment of who they truly are, and a deeper connection to all of life. All virtual LiL classes, healing sessions, and channelings are recorded so no need to be disappointed if you missed class! You can purchase the recording at any time. After purchasing you can watch the class as many times as you need! *The Content in this series is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
The Qabala is a map to the hidden world of our consciousness. This session offers simple tools, Tree of Life concepts, and practice to explore the hidden worlds in the mind.
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Jamie Butler is a natural born Medium, Wholeness Expert, and Media-Personality working internationally for 30 years. Her life goal is to teach people of all ages about the infinite possibilities for healing, joy and success available to us when wholeness living is incorporated into our daily lives. She does this by sharing her deep knowledge of subtle light energy. Jamie has created short deep dive spiritual classes for her followers, nicknamed the Luminaires, to encourage truths through humor while letting go of learned behavior. As Jamie says, "It's not Woo Woo, It's True True" She is the author of With Love and Light: A True Story About an Uncommon Gift, founder of The Center for Love and Light in Atlanta, GA and co-founder of a nonprofit: The Love & Light Institute connecting the mind, body, emotion and soul to cultivate the potential from within. Jamie also hosts The Lighter Side Show and podcast.
Madelana Ferrara, M.A. and co-founder of MYB, has been a practitioner of the healing arts for over three decades. In addition to Exercise Science and Movement Studies, Madelana has studied a variety of somatic re-education modalities, energy-based practices, and the use of quantum science to facilitate mind/body integration. Her education in music and vocal training, theater arts, psychology, meditation, yoga and shamanism further inform her work as an intuitive mind/body/heart healer. She is a trained practitioner in The Trager Approach. She developed the original Starseed Yoga Teacher Training Program with her teacher, Jyoti Crystal, and then founded her own MadMat Yoga Center and YTTP Program.
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