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Profound life changing healing - bad audio. So I created another healing to take the place of this one. Please visit it on my learning page for students. Learn why you have the patterns you do and what removes the negative patterns in love. Find out why you attract the situations you do and change it! There is a lot to learn and you will receive a healing with every class. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of your situation, look no further. I've worked for 16 years as a healer and part of being a healer is healing yourself, connecting with source and being the best you, to help people become the best part of themselves so they can live the life they want. There is no fast way around it when you are a facilitator for divine frequency and energy. I've been through hell and back in my own life and come out ahead and happy. It took me 2 1/2 years to shift my frequency so much that I can interact with people and shift their frequency so they don't have to wait years for shifts and changes as I did. If you want access to the possibly of quick shifts, miracles and happiness then you've come to the right place since most of the hard work has already been done for you. Your job is to show up. Live the life you want NOW!
JJ Flizanes
Health & Wellness > Fitness
Recorded: Jul 29, 2013 at 04:00 pm EST
 Discover what easy tricks and tips you can use to motivate you instantly  Find out why exercise has not worked in the past and how to change it  Learn the formula for getting results with exercise
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Brendan Brazier
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: Jun 13, 2013 at 10:00 pm EST
The many benefits of clean, plant-based nutrition are obvious when applied to general health and wellness. However, the ability to support and enhance athletic performance leaves no clearer testament to power of plant-based foods. Learn how to properly fuel your workouts with strategically timed nutrition. I will cover the essentials as a leading sport nutrition expert who provides advice to elite and professional athletes throughout North America. This Learn It Live session will walk through the essentials of clean sport nutrition and provide support for users of Thrive Forward's recent Sport Edition. Thrive Forward, my latest project, is a free, online guide to plant-based nutrition. The added lessons of the Sport Edition take the Thrive Forward program a step further by providing in-depth information about sport nutrition, showing subscribers how to prepare, sustain, and recover from almost every form of training. The Sport Edition is packed with video lessons, sport nutrition tutorials, plant-based recipes, shopping lists and more. Topics of the Clean Sport Nutrition 101 Learn it Live session will include: 1. The guiding principles of sport nutrition - components of vitality, key differences between strength and endurance training and fitness capital 2. Protein for athletes - how to source the best quality protein and time it right 3. Smart vs. hard training - tips to work smarter, not harder 4. The importance of recovery - understand the 6 key elements of recovery to elevate your game Know. Eat. Feel. Perform. BETTER.
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Brendan is a former professional Ironman triathlete, a two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion, the creator of the award-winning line of whole food nutritional products called VEGA, and the bestselling author of the Thrive book series. He is also the founder of a national, organic, plant-based, whole food delivery service called Thrive Foods Direct. Recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities on plant- based nutrition, Brendan is a guest lecturer at Cornell University and presents an eCornell module entitled "The Plant-Based Diet and Elite Athleticism."
Brian Alman is one of the world’s leading authorities on weight loss, mental fitness, mind-body healing, wellness, and self-care. In his thirty years of private practice he has coached and trained over ten thousand people—regular folks, but also doctors, counselors, coaches, educators, healers, athletes, and healthcare professionals. And through his books, CD’s, TV and radio appearances, videos, and websites—and now through his company TruSage—he has reached hundreds of thousands more people and helped them achieve the personal and professional results they desired. Dr. Alman’s TruSage programs are used all over the world, providing simple, effective, and focused solutions for weight loss, sleep disorders, addictions, stress management, pain management, motivation, peak performance, and a variety of other issues in medicine, psychology, sports, business, and education. His innovative, interactive, and empowering programs feature year-round coaching and worldwide personalized follow-up by patent-pending mobile phone, text, email and multi-media messages.
Like you, wellness expert and author Marie-Josée Shaar has seen enough contradictory self-help advice to make her head spin. But her trained eye won't be fooled. Over the last 12 years of coaching, teaching, speaking, researching and testing smart health habits, MJ has helped hundreds of individuals go from overwhelmed to overjoyed with their lifestyle.  A Master of Applied Positive Psychology, she has worked with the best and brightest in motivating and sustaining a positive attitude. Also certified as a Personal Trainer and as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, MJ blends various sciences to create an "uncommon-sense" path to everyday fitness, wellness, and mindfulness.  MJ won't fuss over your weaknesses in order to fix them, nor will she prescribe a rigid path that feels arduous. Rather, she will show you how to leverage your strengths and harness your body's unique workings to improve your habits, even with minimal self-discipline. That's why her book Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person's Guide to Optimal Health and Performance hit the Amazon Healthy Living Bestseller List only 3 weeks after its launch, and many times since.    Health is about everyday decisions, and is accessible to everyone. If you've been frustrated with your wellness efforts up until now - you'll find that MJ's approach works and lasts. Start today and you'll see for yourself why other wellness leaders call her "awe-inspiring". 
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