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Laura Scott
Recorded: Apr 16, 2016 at 01:30 pm EDT
Let's agree, life can be messy and people even messier! No matter what you are facing, or what trouble is on your heart...from relationship issues to health concerns, betrayal, grief, or tragedy...Join famous Psychic Medium to the stars, Author & Channel for Healing Laura Scott for a soothing & inspired walk through ways to help Light your path in painful times. Find out why there is a sacredness to these difficult times...AND, how to embrace it. Join Laura & let the healing begin!
This half hour discussion/webinar-like Introduction will give you the basics of Discovering Your Dharma. We will talk about who you were when you were 4-years-old and how this relates to you now. And we will introduce this life-long concept of being or becoming more Self-Referral in your life. Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D. of The Chopra Center best describes this aspect of Self-Referral vs. Object-Referral.
What does it take to forgive another person and permanently be free from the past? Join Forgiveness Coach Taylor Tagg as he walks you through the Eight Steps of Forgiveness and breaks down what you need physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to break the chains of resentment and claim the freedom that is rightfully yours. Taylor also shares his #1 tip for more peace in your life. Join in to experience a great beginning to the new year! *Tap into the starting point of all forgiveness *Discover the secret to unwind all anxiety and pain *Learn how to set healthy boundaries *Connect with your Inner Self *Permanently release what is holding you back
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Glenn Ambrose is the owner of Life Enhancement Services, a life coaching company based on the belief that happiness & fulfillment are there for you to have and is attainable by anyone. He is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Host of the Podcast: "Life, Lessons, & Laughter with Glenn Ambrose", Inspirational Speaker, Reiki Practitioner and Personal Trainer. Combining his Coaching skills, Guidance, Intuition and his finely tuned style of getting to the heart of the matter, he inspires the change that is necessary for success.
Jenn is an experienced and gifted guide for those that wish to know their own truth. Most people that Jenn works with are at a crossroads in their life. Or they simply know they need to make a change. Some just feel something is "off" or "there must be something else." Using her intuition, emphatic and psychic gifts to help uncover blocks and beliefs that may keep one from their truth Jenn helps her clients free themselves from a life that may be uncomfortable. She has a unique ability to help her clients get in touch with their own intuition and gifts (we all have them) which may serve as a powerful tool to help them turn on their ability to heal from the inside out. Her intuitive abilities work beautifully in concert with her ability to offer authentic prophetic readings to create a powerful and memorable experience with everyone that comes in contact with her.
Taylor Tagg has x-ray vision for helping people breakthrough emotional barriers and resolve internal conflicts. He delivers high value inner game techniques designed to inspire peace and motivate from the inside out. Taylor is a spiritual leader and teacher, focused on helping people live the Spiritual Attitudes, which includes learning The Art of Forgiveness and healing old childhood wounds. Taylor holds a BA in business and a MBA in Finance. He is also a Certified Forgiveness Coach from the Midwest Institute for Forgiveness Training and a Certified Leadership Instructor through the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Taylor is the author of three books, #1 best sellers The Path to a Peaceful Heart, Adversity to Advantage, and Top 100 Enrich Your Sunrise. He is also a contributing writer for the Good Men Project and the Huffington Post.
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