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Learn to manage your emotions in a skillful way as you bring your life into alignment with your greater purpose. 1.Body Sensations & Emotions - Learn how your emotions work in your body at a physical level. Learn the difference between feeling and emotion. Learn to dissolve emotions by using your witness capacity. 2. Triggers - Learn how to observe rather than to react to daily triggers. Triggers are simply involuntary body sensations. You will no longer be at the mercy of your triggers. 3. Unwinding Emotions - What are your triggers really all about? They almost always trace back to early childhood experiences. Our process will help you understand 'what happened' from a new Cognitive-Emotional perspective. 4. Addictions - An addiction is anything you use to avoid feeling your emotions. Almost everyone has something. Learn how you use these behaviors and how to make different choices, not by resisting the behavior, but by fully feeling and releasing the underlying emotions.
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Andrea Beaman
Cooking > Healthy Cooking
Recorded: Jun 14, 2021 at 03:23 pm EDT
1 in 3 adults are currently at risk for developing some type of kidney disease. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the winter season is associated with the kidneys, and at this time of year this organ is most vulnerable and can easily become depleted. The kidneys are essential for eliminating metabolic waste, as well as are responsible for the health of our bones, immunity and vitality. Be prepared this season to keep your kidneys healthy and strong. My cooking class and demo will show you exactly what are the best foods to buy this season and how to prepare them for kidney health. We'll also cover the essential herbs needed for optimum kidney function. Mark your calendar and I'll see you in my kitchen soon!
Learn how you can energetically align with your timeline and path of peace, health, love and prosperity while chaos is around You and in the world? We will learn about timelines and your alignment with them. You will learn how to take your power back as a sovereign creator of your life rather than a reactor and victim to life. There will be a guided healing mediation to assist you with this. After the guided healing one can expect to feel empowered, peaceful and flowing in abundance, health, and peace.
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Andrea Beaman is a Natural Foods Chef, health educator, thyroid expert, holistic health coach and herbalist, dedicated to alternative healing, and sustainable eating and living. Andrea was a featured contestant on Bravo's Top Chef. She is a regularly featured expert on CBS News, and hosted the Award Nominated, Fed UP! A cooking show that educates viewers how to cook for, and cure, bodily ailments.
I am the creator of "Let Go and Live On" and the "Clear Confidence Energy Mastery" Program for Empaths and Holistic Healers. As a professional intuitive and spiritual healer I have helped hundreds of people clear their energy and connect with and mainfest their authentic vision for a joyful life.
Hi, I'm Jenny Evans. I am certified as a Reiki Master and use a variety of modalities as spirit directs to align you with your highest life path and what your bodies priority is in its healing needs; emotional, mental, spiritual or physical, as all aspects of the body interplay for complete wellness. Healing Rays, essential oils, Theta Healing, Energy Medicine (Meridians and Acupressure) along with Chakra and Aura Cleansing and Balancing are tools in my tool-belt to assist you in your journey. I am a Spiritual Life Coach and have experience guiding many into higher realms of consciousness. I often receive visions, images and messages from above to help you in your journey. You'll benefit from my ability to know and see where your energy blocks and disease are in the body and where they originated from, either emotional, mental, or spiritual blocks (Recognizing that blocks in any of these areas, if left unchecked, will lead to physical dis-ease in the body.) With my help you learn and know what is needed and guide your body, mind and spirit so it can realign itself with health and the natural flow of healing energy instead of dis-ease. As a spiritual healer gifted with and possessing developed gifts, these allow me to better attune to you and how to clear the energy blocks. I can aide in wholeness within you and help you to find greater clarity and closeness to your higher power along with accessing your own spiritual gifts and developing intuition. I can assist you in clearing generational blocks, healing the family tree and emotional clearing of past heartaches and traumas.
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