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Join our discussion and get empowered to change your health habits for good! Whether you are looking to lose weight, quit smoking, eat better, are coping with a chronic condition, or wish to live more mindfully, group wellness coaching can help you to achieve your goals. Click, connect, and change for good! Join us!
A lot of people begin the New Year by making resolutions. We have all been there. We take a vow to reduce weight, exercise more, spend more time with our family, and quit smoking -- to name just a few popular ones. We start the year with great intentions, but then we quickly relapse into old habits. Well, fewer than half of all New Year�s resolutions survive past February. Yes, February! You have all the best intentions but for some reason you cannot stick with the plan. AND it�s SO frustrating! What happens next? You give up, are mad about it, and don�t start again until the following January. You probably already experienced this in the past years right? Pamela, the Confident Boomer Health Coach, will share 5 sure-fire ways to make your 2013�s resolutions stick for good. Let's make sure your intentions for 2013 don't remain just intentions! The class will be recorded, but it is highly recommended to attend live, so you won�t miss out on the opportunities provided!
The Confident Boomer Lifestyle -6 Secrets for Feeling Confident, Energized and in Charge of Your Health and Future. This seminar is for women in their late 40's through early 60's facing common life transitions like relationship endings and navigating new beginnings, career changes that leave you wondering about your future, and "getting older" challenges that are draining you and questioning your ability to survive all this. Maybe you're wondering what your purpose in life in your next phase of life is, or your aches, pains and extra pounds that keep you from moving your body the way you desire, sometimes keep you up at night, and you wish you knew what to do about it and your energy levels are not what they used to be, and you worry about isolating yourself from life's pleasures. It's not unusual to turn to food and put your self-care on the back burner, even more, when you're feeling challenged. But the good news is, there IS another way out of this! In this seminar you will learn: The 6 secrets that are essential for women who face a challenging transition and want to feel super confident, more energized, and in charge of their health and future! What it takes to be in charge of your well-being and your future; What else in your life besides what you are eating is affecting your health, waistline and overall well-being?
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For 33 years I have traveled the globe sharing my research and expertise in human behavior with audiences large and small. My God given talent is taking issues that create confusion or conflict for people and show them the pathway to clarity and resolution. My expertise is in creating direction for Leadership/Management and salespeople and helping them clarify purpose, direction, goals, motivation and personal and business development. Have written 15 books, over 100 cds recorded, host of my own internet radio show.
The Goizueta Business School Alumni Entrepreneur Network (GAEN) was founded by Goizueta Business School alumni to foster and inspire the Goizueta Business School alumni entrepreneurial community. Participation in most activities is open to all alumni of Emory University that are interested in the pursuit of entrepreneurial ventures and business ownership. GAEN provides a valuable connection for Emory alumni that are pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors back to the Business School and to the larger business community. The connection is highlighted through GAEN's monthly meetings on the first Wednesday morning of each month with guest speakers that are successful entrepreneurs, GBS professors, and professional service providers for entrepreneurs. We encourage and invite all Emory alumni to engage in the community.
Like you, wellness expert and author Marie-Josée Shaar has seen enough contradictory self-help advice to make her head spin. But her trained eye won't be fooled. Over the last 12 years of coaching, teaching, speaking, researching and testing smart health habits, MJ has helped hundreds of individuals go from overwhelmed to overjoyed with their lifestyle.  A Master of Applied Positive Psychology, she has worked with the best and brightest in motivating and sustaining a positive attitude. Also certified as a Personal Trainer and as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, MJ blends various sciences to create an "uncommon-sense" path to everyday fitness, wellness, and mindfulness.  MJ won't fuss over your weaknesses in order to fix them, nor will she prescribe a rigid path that feels arduous. Rather, she will show you how to leverage your strengths and harness your body's unique workings to improve your habits, even with minimal self-discipline. That's why her book Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person's Guide to Optimal Health and Performance hit the Amazon Healthy Living Bestseller List only 3 weeks after its launch, and many times since.    Health is about everyday decisions, and is accessible to everyone. If you've been frustrated with your wellness efforts up until now - you'll find that MJ's approach works and lasts. Start today and you'll see for yourself why other wellness leaders call her "awe-inspiring". 
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