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Silica Larkin
Health & Wellness > Yoga
Ended: Jan 17, 2012 at 07:00 pm EDT
Vinyasa flow class with fewer (or no) Vinyasas! Love moving with the breath but don't love chataronga? Wrist, shoulder, and low back pain do not have to be part of your yoga practice! Learn modifications and proper alignment to allow your body to open and grow healthy without strain!
Hemalayaa Behl
Health & Wellness > Yoga
Recorded: Jan 14, 2012 at 02:00 pm EDT
Experience Kama Sutra class to promote your radiant self and to cultivate a deep connection with your sacred energies. If you only knew, there is a shining star at the core of your being waiting to come alive and be liberated to love. Find the freedom and fullness of expression that come from embracing yourself and your body through playful movements, sassy and provocative gestures and a heart opening meditation. Dance, love and laugh on this journey of self-discovery. Let the dancer and the romancer become the divine in you. Some call this class �Yogasmic�, because it feels incredible to experience this type of bliss through the body.
Debbie Milne
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: Jan 12, 2012 at 07:00 pm EDT
This 30 minute session will introduce the significance of considering factors such as age, activity, race, and quality of consumed foods in determining the specific nutrients for the individual to supplement for optimal health, according to current evidence in literature.
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I am a professional competitive cyclist and a two-time Master's National Champion for road racing. I continue to train as an elite athlete and provide nutritional periodization plans to compliment training periodization plans. My professional passion is for helping people gain essential knowledge for promoting optimal health outcomes throughout the lifespan. Additionally, my desire is to help people put this knowledge into practice through behavior change strategies that take an ecological approach and address the cultural econiche, as well as the biological econiche. The end result of such endeavors should result in a proactive pursuit of compressed morbidity where life and wellness is fully realized and functional for most of the human life span, thus compressing the years of degenerative disease to the final stages of the life span. My personal passions include enjoying physical movement of many forms, the beauty of nature, and good foods.
Hemalayaa teaches a unique combination of yoga and Indian dance in Los Angeles and travels the globe transforming lives through these practices. As a yogini, dancer and fitness educator, Hemalayaa has a natural gift for bringing out the joy and the dancer in everyone. The daughter of Indian parents, Hema's upbringing taught her that dance was important to health and well-being, and her yoga training began at home at an early age. Her first teacher was her father. She went on to study yoga, philosophy, and meditation. A life devoted to yoga and dance animates Hemalayaa's playful spirit. Laughter, her own and that of her students, is the trademark sound of her classes. Hema loves turning her students on to the vibrant styles of Indian dance, which is revolutionizing conscious movement. She is the creator and author of numerous health and fitness DVDs and has been featured in publications such as Yoga Journal, Body & Soul, Fit Yoga, The New York Times and LA Yoga Magazine among others. When she's not shimmying with Ellen Degeneres on her talk show, strutting her stuff with the ladies of the Today show or leading workshops and retreats around the world, Hemalayaa is most likely to be found in her kitchen whipping up some healthy, organic food, riding her bike around Los Angeles, spending time with friends and just generally enjoying life.
Silica is an ex-elite runner/triathlete/martial artist (and Cirque duSoleil wanna-be)who loves that yoga has been her primary practice for the past three years. Although she enjoys challenging experienced yogis, her greatest joy is in introducing beginners and ‘non-yogis’ to the internal, healing side of yoga and encouraging them to discover a practice that is not so much about whether your foot ends up behind your head as it is about how much joy, peace, and vitality your practice brings you. Silica is the frequently bemused mother of two delightful daughters, and enjoys writing, painting, and singing.
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