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In this class, we will define the terms Coaching & Mentoring and the difference between them. We will look at how they apply in the workplace. Following a definition of Coaching, we will look at a powerful coaching structure known as the GROW model and how to use it.
Our health is an investment but one that we often don't invest in. When you think about it, we have insurance for our cars, we have retirement plans and we have health insurance that helps us when we are sick. But how are we creating a healthy lifestyle right now? Join Katie Bressack and discover how to create a wellness plan for your life; what should be part of it and when. Then come back for session two to see how things were implemented and how to support you for your healthy life.
It's no shock that a large number of organizations make costly mistakes due to poor communication. Effective communication is critical for a leader - whether you are a seasoned leader or a new leader - to ensure the team is headed the right direction. Elizabeth gives the keys to effective communication. For all leaders, effective communication is an essential component of professional success whether it is at the interpersonal, organizational, or external level. Communication can make or break a leader. Join us and you'll learn: Different types of communication - verbal, non-verbal and written When to use each type of communication in your team Why documentation in email is important when giving direction
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Wally Hauck holds a doctorate in organizational leadership from Warren National University, a Master of Business Administration in finance from Iona College, and a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Certified Speaking Professional and since 1996 his consulting firm, Optimum Leadership, has consulted with dozens of organizations and coached hundreds of individuals in improving leadership skills to boost employee engagement and performance. Wally also holds an adjunct professor position for Organizational Change and Development at the University of New Haven in the Department of Industrial Organizational Psychology.
Kathryn Merrow has been helping people get rid of physical pain since 1992. She focuses on helping them get rid of the causes of their pain (rather than only addressing the symptoms) in a simple, easily understandable way. Kathryn is the author of Head Pain Natural Relief, available at Amazon.com, as well as several natural pain relief programs and websites. She specializes in prevention and relief of migraines and headaches, upper back pain (knots in your back) and carpal tunnel symptoms. Kathryn is an engaging instructor who also motivates students with self-care and stress relief techniques.
Katie Bressack is an award winning health coach who specializes in women's hormonal health. With Katie's support, the women she counsels prepare their bodies for pregnancy, increase energy levels, get their periods back and on track, lose weight, eat healthier and maintain a balanced mood. Katie runs a successful 1-on-1 coaching business and has group programs that have helped hundreds of women support their health and hormones. Katie believes every woman can feel healthy and vibrant by making the best nutritional and lifestyle changes that support their body in the best way possible. Sign up for Katie's Balance Your Hormones Guide, 5 Easy Steps To Gain Energy, Lose Weight and Reduce Sugar Cravings For Good.[ http://katiebressack.com/freegift/] Come hang out with Katie in her Happy Healthy Hormones group,[ https://www.facebook.com/groups/thriveinyourbody] or connect via her blog [http://katiebressack.com/blog/], Instagram [https://www.instagram.com/katiebressack/] or Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/BalancedBeings] Katie lives in Los Angeles with her husband and dog, Piper. When Katie is not health coaching, you can find her on her yoga mat, watching movies, walking on the beach, hiking and spending time with friends. You can learn more about Katie here www.katiebressack.com and feel inspired to live a healthier life by following her on Instagram @katiebressack
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