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Have you been looking for the magic checklist that will guarantee relationship bliss? Well I'm here to tell you that it doesn't exist {sorry!} BUT, there are a few bad habits that when get rid of them you can improve your love life for sure. In this class I offer an insider’s look at the three bad habits that I see most often in the unhappy couples who find themselves on my couch, and solutions to change the behavior before things get out of control.
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Esther Boykin, LMFT is a marriage and family therapist, author, and relationship advocate. At first glance? She’s a psychotherapist specializing in helping people with relationship issues. Go a little deeper? She’s a multi-talented mental health expert, relationship professional, writer, and entrepreneur who is passionate about making the world around her a better place, one relationship at a time. She works with people who want to build a deeper and more honest relationship with themselves— people who struggle to find or maintain the kind of meaningful intimate connections they desire with friends, family, and that special someone. By working with her or reading or books, you will understand … : how vulnerability and courage are the keys to attracting the healthy, loving connections you want in your life : how to truly love and care of yourself because, the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with you : that a good relationship is more than just a goal to achieve, it is a living, evolving thing and you have the ability to make it flourish if you work at it And best of all, you’ll have the experience of working with an expert who understands your personal struggles and will provide you with small, attainable actions that help you create the life you truly deserve. Grab your computer or phone and get ready to have the compassionate support you’ve been craving in your life! Esther Boykin is available to work with individuals and couples one-on-one in counseling and relationship coaching sessions. Her online courses are available live and pre-recorded through www.learnitlive.com. She is also available for speaking engagements and workshops on the topics of self-care/compassion, healthy relationships, and intimacy.
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