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Wednesday Feb 19, 2014
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My AAA tow truck driver reminded me of just how many people are unhappy - I hate this job but I'll never get out of it - too many bills to pay. I haven't been on a vacation in years and really need one but can't afford it... (later) I haven't been on a decent date in I don't know how long.- Like most people, the driver reacts to life instead of creating the life he wants. Also like most people, he was never taught a tangible, incontrovertible process for making good choices, which in turn create the life he wants. This session shares such a tangible process for clear, easy decision-making.
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Laura Scott
Recorded: Apr 16, 2016 at 01:30 pm EDT
Let's agree, life can be messy and people even messier! No matter what you are facing, or what trouble is on your heart...from relationship issues to health concerns, betrayal, grief, or tragedy...Join famous Psychic Medium to the stars, Author & Channel for Healing Laura Scott for a soothing & inspired walk through ways to help Light your path in painful times. Find out why there is a sacredness to these difficult times...AND, how to embrace it. Join Laura & let the healing begin!
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"For 21 years, Laura Scott has been making a profound difference in the lives of thousands of people worldwide. You may have heard of the famous psychics that the celebrities go to, "Psychic for the Stars?" Well, Laura Scott is the REAL DEAL. Laura is a world renowned author, psychic, spiritual teacher and channel for healing. She is warm, funny, compassionate and loving...and a pure joy to listen to her words! Laura Scott has been tested and is rated as one of the top psychic mediums in the world-but, she is much more that. She has the ability to Channel Divine beings to give clients the best information for soul growth to occur. She is also the Author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Divining the Future, The Ancient Stardust Directional Cards���©, Progress Journal���©, numerous CDs and downloadables, plus much more. Her Grounding & Centering CD won Best Self Help/Meditation Album of the Year. Her latest work: Meditation ~ Magic & Miracles, is a new downloadable package to help even the most frustrated meditators learn, relax, and recharge with meditation."
Ian Coburn teaches individuals and business leaders how to make quality, life-changing decisions. His passion is to help others achieve their goals and his method enabled him to be one the most highly sought comedians in the 90's, write a bestseller in 2007, date numerous women, be a televised relationship expert, work in the careers he adulates, earn a very good salary, and have a great family... without losing his anonymity, a very important trait he prefers to maintain. He also accomplished all this well spending the better part of twenty-one years traveling and playing volleyball on the beach.
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